Technological Partnership Between Smart AdServer and Alenty

Ad Operations OnlineParis, 5 March 2009 – Smart AdServer, a leading player in Europe in adserving and digital marketing, announced the interfacing of its solution for the management and delivery of advertising banners with Alenty’s advertising visibility measurement tool. There is a dual objective:  optimising the advertising inventory by refreshing adverts only once they have been seen, and also offering advertisers, media agencies, media brokers and publishing sites to purchase or sell advertising using purchase methods close to those used for television, that is to say based on the visibility time. Canal+Régie can now guarantee the exposure of advertising campaigns broadcast on by using these two technologies.

Alenty has developed a tool enabling it to measure the visibility of advertising banners online, a visibility which varies according to the format used, the location but above all the sites. In analysing the structure of the page, Alenty scripts make it possible to find out where a campaign banner is, and which part of the web page is displayed on the user’s screen. The presence of the user in front of the screen is measured by computer activity. Put another way, the tool measures whether the banner has been seen, how long it will be see for, what proportion of it, etc.

The scheduling of Alenty campaigns is now much easier, and partly automated in Smart AdServer. Advertisers can measure the impact of their campaigns in terms of visibility, and plan their investments, using the same indicators as those for television, purchasing a display period. For their part, ad networks offer advertisers guaranteed visibility, and can thus be sure of selling their space according to real exposure to campaigns.

“We feel that this collaboration with Alenty, a leader in the market of measuring advertising visibility, is essential”, says Cyrille Geffray, Managing Director of Smart AdServer. “This interface will allow our joint clients such as Canal+Régie to guarantee that their advertisers receive optimum visibility from their campaigns, and thus make better use of their advertising inventory.”

“The system of refreshing only when there has been a guaranteed view could be a way of getting better returns from sites having extremely long display times (game sites, video, ajax, flash, etc), and which generate less pages viewed than others”, says Laurent Nicolas, founder of Alenty. “In fact, it has been found that when adverts are refreshed after a fixed time (every minute, for example), this leads to advertising displays not being seen as there is nobody in front of the screen. With the system of refreshing only when  there is a guarantee that the advert has been seen, Alenty and Smart AdServer guarantee that advertising will not be refreshed until it has been viewed for enough time”.

Canal+Régie, a client of both Smart AdServer and Alenty, now benefits from this interface.

“We feel that to be fully used as a “branding” advertising media, the Internet must allow the objective measurement of the quality of its advertising contacts.”, says Roger Coste, Managing Director of Canal+Régie. “As with other audiovisual media, the measurement of the display time of the advert is the most relevant indicator for reporting both the reality and quality of engagement of advertising contacts. By allowing extremely precise measurement and control of the duration of advertising displays distributed on, the interfacing of Smart AdServer and Alenty allows us to offer the market an extremely innovative and strong solution. Also, since the beginning of February, the visibility and display period of all campaigns delivered on have been managed and guaranteed, in both video and classic display format (leaderboards and MPU banners).”

About Smart AdServer (

Smart AdServer SAS develops and markets one of the main adserving technologies for the management of online campaigns for media agencies and publishers. Created in 2001, the company Smart AdServer has soon become a key player in France, posting the fastest growth in Europe in terms of customers compared with its competitors, thanks to the innovative and unique functionalities offered by its product, and its ease of use. Smart AdServer has 150 customers for 1200 sites spanning four continents.

Among its clients are large media agencies such as Zed digital, Starcom, Mindshare, Mediacom, Mediaedge:cia, Universal McCann, Brilliant Media … as well as a large number of sites and companies, including PIXmania, Reed Business, Axel Springer Hungary & Poland, Radio Canada, MSD Global, Wolters Kluwer, La Vanguardia, Canal+, Curse Gaming, Amiado…

About Alenty (

Alenty’s founders have been experts in online statistics since 1998. Notably they are behind the NetValue and NetRatings statistic systems. Alenty’s unique technology makes it possible to analyse the visibility of each element of a website (text bloc, image, advertising), and to detect the presence of users thanks to mouse and key activity. Alenty technology thus allows sites to improve their ergonomics or reduce their quit rate (shopping baskets or registration forms). For community sites, Alenty provides unique information on the interest of contributions and influence of visitors. Advertisers can find out the duration for which each banner was effectively viewed during their campaigns. Media sites can also install these sites to check the visibility period of advertising banners on their pages, and thus make better use of advertising space.

About Canal+Régie

Canal+Régie sell TV and Web advertising spaces for channels from the Canal+ Group.

Online, Canal+Régie sells space for,,, and

As with television, for this media Canal+Régie has developed an innovative strategy to assist with the qualitative differentiation of its offer (targeting, emergence and visibility, exposure, guaranteed of media performance.)