Adjix Announces New Way to Advertise within Twitter “Tweets”

CARLSBAD, Calif. – Adjix, a revenue-sharing advertising network launched in August 2008 to monetize Twitter, is introducing an innovative new ad format today that will allow text ads to be embedded within Twitter tweets. “This new ad format will be a great way for Twitter users (Adjix “linkers”) to earn additional revenue, and its unobtrusive format won’t annoy recipients, like some other Twitter ad programs,” says Joe Moreno, founder and president of Adjix. A brief video demonstration is available at:

One example of this new ad opportunity would be a local newspaper that tweets a headline with a link to the full article; at the end of the tweet is an ad from the Adjix network, giving the newspaper a new way to earn revenue.

Benefits to advertisers include:

* Advertisers set the price they’re willing to pay for an ad
* Advertisers can allow anyone to run their ads, or limit them to specific Twitter accounts; they can also limit how frequently an ad can run within a specific Twitter account
* Advertisers can target Twitter users in specific cities
* Adjix offers precise targeting, transparent pricing, and link click data

Benefits to Twitter users (Adjix “linkers”) include:

* Earning ad revenue when running embedded ads in tweets using Adjix2Twitter
* Selecting which ad they want to run, or they can choose to run no ad
* Detailed reports on how many clicks they generate, as well as the opportunity to earn money from their blogs, text messages, and e-mails

“Twitter users and bloggers have fueled Adjix’s growth so far,” said Moreno. “We’re really excited to see their reaction to this new ad format. It will greatly increase linker’s earnings, and advertisers can reach Twitter users in a new, targeted format.”

Adjix was founded by Moreno, a former engineer and marketer at Apple Inc. The Adjix system is built using the same technology that Apple uses to run its iTunes Store and its online stores throughout the world. For more information, visit