Vdopia launches VDO Labs for Video Advertising Research

NEW DELHI – Vdopia, the largest Video Ad Network and Video Ad Platform focused on Indians across the globe announced launching of VDO Labs. The research lab will focus exclusively on taking video advertising experience to the next level by creating innovations around video content. VDO Labs is building revolutionary ad formats such as Skin Branding, Skin Branding with product placement, and Skin Branding with overlay.

Vdopia’s proprietary Dynamic Skin Branding technology allows the video player skin to change dynamically according to the targeting criteria specified by the advertiser. With this launch, advertisers can now target online video consumers with contextual, interactive advertising for every second of video watched.

In addition to the already successful pre roll ad format, Vdopia’s proprietary ‘Dynamic Skin Branding’ ad format delivers continuous brand visibility, highly measurable viewer engagement and extended call to action opportunity for advertisers, without interrupting the video viewing experience of the user. The innovative ad formats powered by VDO Labs are the most compelling interactive display advertising formats delivered in a customizable Flash ‘skin’ integrated around the video player.

So far, Vdopia has successfully executed the Dynamic Skin Branding ad format for India’s biggest brands like Tata Sky, Big TV, Godrej LCD and many others. This ad format has been the hottest advertising format for both performance and branding clients.

Online video advertising in India is set to grow at 300 per cent in 2009, according to Ernst & Young and has 85 per cent brand recall compared with 54 per cent for the same ad on the television. Vdopia is leading this revolution and is committed to increasing brand recall even further using its technology and innovations.

Chhavi Upadhyay, Chief Operating Officer of Vdopia commented: “We have run controlled tests through certain campaigns on our network and our results indicate several fold increase in the campaign performance when these ad formats are shown together on a video, it is almost as if these formats resonate with each other providing advertisers tremendous value.”

Skin Branding delivers more effective monetization of online video content for publishers. The proprietary integrated ad and media player technology is immune to the negative effects of ‘banner blindness’ by delivering extended brand visibility and the advertising exposure is measurable for every second of ad viewed. Skin Branding advertisements are served each time a new video or application starts and at specified intervals during long-form video content. Vdopia provides complete creative support to deliver the desired campaign objectives.

Saurabh Bhatia, Chief Business Officer of Vdopia added: “The fully customizable ‘skin’ also presents unlimited creative ability for advertisers to include interactive features and functionality such as promotional videos, animated expansion banners, games, contact forms, product downloads and purchases, plus basic click-throughs.”

About Vdopia, Inc.

Vdopia is the largest Video Ad Network and Video Ad Platform focused on South Asians across the globe. Vdopia delivers advertisers and publishers with industry-leading results due to its focus on premium audiences and premium content. Vdopia is the first video advertising company that has provided consistent monetization of online video content, which has resulted in massive growth in the amount of online video content across all leading South Asian websites.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Vdopia is a venture-backed company founded by Stanford and IIT graduates with extensive technology and media experience. The company has sales and development offices in San Jose, CA, New York, NY; Gurgaon and Mumbai, India.