AdMeld Releases FireMeld, The First Web Browser Extension for Ad Operations Professionals

AdOperationsOnline.comNew Tool Enables Web Publishers to Control Network Ad Units Without Leaving Their Websites

New York, NY – March 10, 2009 – AdMeld (, the leader in ad network optimization for premium publishers, today announced the release of FireMeld, the first web browser extension built exclusively for ad operations professionals. FireMeld integrates seamlessly with AdMeld’s ad network optimization technology to give publishers a new level of transparency and control over their discretionary ad inventory. The announcement was made today at the AdMonsters Publisher Forum in New Orleans.

FireMeld helps publishers identify the source of every network ad on their sites, including those ads that may cause channel conflict, are slow to load, inappropriate, or blank. Before FireMeld, diagnosing these kinds of problems required publishers to search through web page source code, a manual and painstaking process. FireMeld solves this problem by overlaying critical information about each ad directly on the publisher’s site and enabling ad ops personnel to turn off the offending ad or send an alert to AdMeld’s support team to take the appropriate action.

Ross Cohen, VP of Business Development at WorldNow said, “FireMeld is an extremely useful tool. It not only saves our ad operations team a great deal of time investigating and solving potential problems like channel conflict and blank ads, but it also gives us greater, real-time insight into all the creative units running on our sites.”

“As a team of ad operations and publishing veterans ourselves, we built FireMeld to give premium publishers a more complete view of their discretionary inventory than they’ve ever had,” said Benjamin Barokas, AdMeld’s co-founder. “FireMeld is the first tool of its kind and the latest in AdMeld’s suite of ad network management and reporting features. The response from our partners has been overwhelmingly positive, and we look forward to continuing to deliver world-class products and services, like FireMeld, that help our partners get the most value possible from their discretionary ad inventory.”

About AdMeld
AdMeld ( helps premium online publishers maximize their revenue from ad networks and minimize the risks and complexities of working with them.  AdMeld’s optimization technology generates the highest possible yield from each impression, and its suite of management and reporting tools deliver publishers a high level of transparency and control. Founded in 2007 by Benjamin Barokas and Brian Adams, AdMeld is led by Michael Barrett, an experienced leader of premier new media companies. Major investors include Spark Capital and The Foundry Group.