Research and Markets: Newspapers in Crisis: Migrating Online

DUBLIN, Ireland – Research and Markets has announced the addition of eMarketer’s new report “Newspapers in Crisis: Migrating Online” to their offering.

The outlook for newspaper publishers is grim. Their business model is broken and advertisers are bailing. Newspaper advertising revenues in the US declined 16.4% in 2008 to $37.9 billion. By 2012, spending will slide to $28.4 billion. Is there hope for this proud medium?

The Newspapers In Crisis report analyzes the trends that are contributing to a historic downslide in newspaper revenues and readership.

Newspaper circulation continues to deteriorate as people increasingly go online for news that is timelier and free. And the relatively high fixed costs of paper, printing and distribution show no signs of waning.

And there is little relief online, where newspaper revenues are dropping as well. eMarketer estimates that even Internet revenues dipped slightly in 2008, 0.4% to $3.15 billion

Key questions the “Newspapers in Crisis” report answers:

* How far and fast are newspaper revenues falling?
* What trends are contributing to decreased newspaper readership?
* Why are the younger readers abandoning newspapers?
* Are larger or smaller circ newspapers being hit hardest?
* Can online ad revenues make up for print ad shortfalls?
* Are alternative online content models working?
* And many others

Key Topics Covered:

* Executive Summary
* Newspaper Ad Revenues
* US Spending
* Advertising Revenues by Category
* Consumer Usage
* Circulation Trends
* Demographics of Online News Readers
* Newspaper Websites: Strengths and Weaknesses
* Content Strategies Online
* Advertising Strategies
* Average Advertising Network CPMs for US Websites in Select Industries, Q1 2008-Q3 2008
* APT from Yahoo!
* Revamped Sales Structures
* Mobile and Local Search
* Case Studies
* The Christian Science Monitor
* Lawrence Journal-World

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