Research and Markets: The US Internet Users Report Analyzes Trends That Continue to Drive Online Population Growth and Usage

DUBLIN, Ireland – Research and Markets has announced the addition of eMarketer’s new report “US Internet Users” to their offering.

There is no question that the Internet is now a mainstream medium. In 2009, the US Internet population will grow to nearly 200 million users, or 65% of the total population. By 2013, 221 million people will be online, nearly 70% of the population.

The demographics of the US Internet population are evolving to reflect the offline population. More women are coming online, and so are more users ages 35 and older.

Daily Internet usage among nearly all demographic groups is climbing. Average time spent online by US adults shot up to 14 hours per week in 2008, compared with 11 hours in 2007. Nearly two-thirds of adults claim they go online every day, the majority for more than one hour.

Key questions the “US Internet Users” report answers:

* What does the US Internet population look like?
* Is there still room for growth?
* How has the economy affected Internet use?
* How confident are users in their Internet skills?
* How does the mobile Internet fit in?
* And many others

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