AdMarvel Joins the Acision Innovation Network to Deliver a Joint Mobile Advertising Solution for Mobile Operators Globally

Managed Service Delivers Turnkey Advertising Platform for Text and Display Advertising
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LAS VEGAS – AdMarvel, a leading provider of mobile advertising mediation services, announced that it has joined the Acision Innovation Network, and both companies will deliver a joint solution for SMS, MMS, WAP, mobile web and active idle screen modalities. This partnership leverages the experience from both companies in providing high performance, mission critical services for mobile operators to deliver an open and extensible advertising platform. This platform enables operators to easily integrate mobile advertising into a variety of wireless data services and to manage, monitor and analyze the performance of advertising through a single web dashboard. Prominent in the robust feature set is the ability to on-board and mediate advertising inventory from ad networks, agencies or direct sales efforts. Answering the diverse needs of carriers around the world, this solution can easily integrate inventory from regional advertising networks and agencies. Furthermore, the solution provides fine grain policy controls for the management and execution of an operator’s advertising business rules.

The majority of global text and multimedia messaging traffic is generated through Acision’s messaging platforms which also serves as a mediation hub to leverage key subscriber attributes to deliver a highly targeted and relevant advertising experience.

“Our customers throughout the world have been increasingly interested in delivering ad sponsored services to their subscribers. We listened closely and worked with AdMarvel to architect a platform that truly answers their needs,” said Geoff McGrath, VP Global Market Development for Acision.

“We are very excited to partner with Acision to bring a joint operator grade advertising solution to market,” said Mahi de Silva, AdMarvel CEO. “Our efforts have built an open and extensible platform that can quickly enable an operator to deliver and manage ad sponsored messaging, content and other value added services, while providing a growth path to expand advertising services and harness local partners as their regional markets evolve over time.”

About AdMarvel

AdMarvel makes mobile advertising work by enabling mobile publishers and operators to easily source, provision, manage and track advertising from virtually any ad network or direct sourced advertising inventory. As the leading trusted third party in mobile advertising, AdMarvel works with mobile publishers, carriers, ad networks and advertisers to optimize advertising inventory and deliver higher revenue. AdMarvel services work across mobile web, WAP, SMS, MMS, in-application, idle-screen and video modalities. For more information, visit

About Acision Innovation Network

The Acision Innovation Network is a partnership based ecosystem that enables the global communications community to collaborate on the creation of new applications and services to advance the way the world communicates. For more information please visit