Clickable Introduces Scalable Online Advertising Platform For Companies With Local-Business Customers

Clickable Platform the first white-label solution to enable online advertising resellers to deliver performance and profitably to a full continuum of local businesses

Franchise Company Solutions selects Clickable Platform to power lead generation and local advertising for thousands of franchise clients

NEW YORK – With local advertising dollars rapidly shifting to the Web, marketing-services companies with local-business customers must figure out how to capture this $32 billion opportunity. To help these companies succeed, Clickable introduced Platform, a white-label solution for partners to quickly build and deploy large-scale online advertising and lead-generation programs under their own brands.

For marketing-services companies, now is the time to invest. According to BIA Advisory Services and The Kelsey Group, the interactive share of local ad spending will more than double from 9 percent in 2008 to 22.2 percent in 2013. The total interactive segment will grow from $14 billion in 2008 to $32.1 billion in 2013 (at a CAGR of 18%), while traditional segments will decrease from $141.3 billion in 2008 to $112.4 billion in 2013 (CAGR of -4.5%).

Clickable Platform Delivers Performance, Expanded Market Opportunity

Clickable Platform is a complete performance-based technology infrastructure that enables marketing-service partners to deliver advertising to a full range of local businesses throughout their lifecycles. These include small family-owned retail stores to nationwide brands with sophisticated geographic and vertical targeting needs. Clickable Platform enables service providers to scale with their customers, and potentially doubles their market opportunity.

Greater scale and efficiency also allows Clickable Platform partners to serve thousands of local businesses at lower cost. Meanwhile, Platform allocates greater customer investment to better performing media spend across all major ad networks. This performance orientation results in more loyal and profitable customers, and a superior reputation in a category challenged by dissatisfaction and churn among local businesses.

Partner Opportunity

Clickable Platform is designed for any marketing-service provider seeking to build and scale their local advertising offerings, while leveraging their trusted brands, customer relationships and sales channels. Successful partners include: small-business solutions providers; premium vertical marketing-service providers (see LexisNexis and Clickable partnership); certified marketing representatives; franchise businesses; large national brands requiring geographic targeting; advertising agencies; and local media sales organizations looking for new revenue streams, such as newspaper, broadcast or directory companies.

“We partnered with Clickable because their foundation of performance and scale was highly aligned with our business,” said John Jorgenson, CEO, Franchise Company Solutions, which manages online advertising and marketing for thousands of franchise businesses nationwide. “Clickable Platform enabled us to rapidly deploy a performance-based online lead-generation program that scales deep into our existing vertical business lines, and grows with us as we enter new verticals.”

An Integrated Platform

Clickable Platform includes a variety of integrated white-label components tailored to the needs of each partner company:

* Client Center: A centralized administrative dashboard, enabling display, management and reporting of individual and groups of clients.
* Business Systems: Central infrastructure that powers customer support, billing and operations for thousands of customers.
* Platform API: The ability to leverage Clickable Platform in partners’ own Web sites and client interfaces.
* Leads: A “set-and-forget” lead-generation solution that is both click and call based, and delivers local-business customers simple tracking of their investment.
* Pro: The award-winning Clickable Pro dashboard can be white-labeled to empower businesses to self-manage online advertising, with simplicity and transformational return on investment.
* Assist: A managed service for businesses that delivers just the right amount of professional services to ensure success, often in conjunction with Clickable Pro.
* Support & Community: World-class customer support via live chat and phone, as well as community learning resources.
* Marketing & Sales: Pre-built and perfected marketing assets so partners can promote and sell local advertising services most effectively.

“Clickable pioneered a new wave in online advertising by innovating simple, self-manage tools that enable businesses to manage their investments profitably and in less time,” said David S. Kidder, co-founder and CEO of Clickable. “Clickable Platform builds on that same DNA and core technology to help companies successfully scale online advertising programs for local-business customers.”

Partner With Clickable

Clickable is partnering with a limited number of Platform partners in 2009 to transform the local advertising sector. For more information, visit

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