interCLICK Improves Scalability of Data Targeting with Latest Platform Upgrade

Ad Operations OnlineFifth Generation Platform Provides Unique Access to Third-Party Performance Data and Optimization, Allowing Advertisers to Make the Most Informed Purchasing Decisions

NEW YORK – interCLICK, Inc. (OTCBB: ICLK), the leading ad network in data and inventory transparency, announced an important update to its ad serving platform, increasing scalability and effectiveness of its behavioral platform. This latest release will provide interCLICK’s advertiser base with the most comprehensive understanding of which data sources are most valuable to their campaigns across interCLICK’s large scale network.

interCLICK’s platform leverages the company’s transparent network of the most prominent third-party data providers, network operators and large scale publishers along the online advertising supply chain to enable advertisers to effectively target in-market consumers with unprecedented scale and efficiency. The latest platform upgrade centers on reporting and delivery tools that improve the predictability data and inventory requirements. interCLICK’s advertisers will benefit from:

Additional levels of transparency
Improved campaign optimization and delivery
Improved ROI at greater scale

“Effectively managing our supply chain is contingent upon our ability to properly meet demand by aligning optimal data and inventory with as little lead time as possible,” said Michael Katz, president of interCLICK. “This platform upgrade provides us with greater operational efficiency and lays the final piece of the foundation for far greater things to come.”

interCLICK’s works with Fortune 1000 advertisers to identify highly qualified targets over long sales cycles in a brand safe context. interCLICK provides the premier data, advanced targeting technology and unsurpassed scale necessary to help advertisers influence purchase decisions and drive return on investment for their campaigns. Advertisers work with interCLICK to target campaigns to the appropriate decision maker, providing a level of effectiveness in both the B2C and B2B space.

About interCLICK

interCLICK, Inc. (OTC BB: ICLK – News) operates the interCLICK Network, a behavioral targeting platform offering complete data and inventory transparency, allowing advertisers to identify and track their desired audience on an unprecedented level. interCLICK offers optimal user targeting technologies across a large network of name brand publishers to ensure the right message is delivered to a precise audience in a brand friendly environment. For more information about the interCLICK Network, visit