Cross Atlantic Commodities Inc Signs Online Advertising Agreement

FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Cross Atlantic Commodities, Inc. (Pink Sheets:CXAC), a successful manufacturer of specialty health and beauty products, announced signing an Online Advertising Agreement with Mercatis Media, LLC, Los Angles California.

“Signing this Agreement is significant for CXAC. Mercatis Media, is a full service Media Company. Our contract calls for them to take our existing creative, (banners and email campaigns), review them with their team of marketing experts, optimize them to get better conversion rates…The bottom line is all about increasing sales,” said Jorge Bravo, CEO.

The Company’s creative team will work with Mercatis, utilizing existing work and adding their own expertise. Mercatis will also purchase online media; which includes email advertising, revenue share arrangements, SEM, online catalogs and other sites that stream online content.

CXAC will run a series of four tests lasting 4 weeks. These tests are for obtaining data for our media funding partner; who will begin funding the company after their review of collected data. This, with our TV Launch, is by far the most aggressive marketing campaign that CXAC has done.

Management continues its efforts to create sales and in doing so, increasing Shareholder value.

About Cross Atlantic Commodities, Inc.

Cross Atlantic Commodities, Inc. develops, acquires, markets and distributes specialty “quality of life” enhancement products and general merchandise to the public via direct response marketing, direct marketing and eventually mass retail/wholesale distributors. Products the company is currently marketing can be viewed on its website.