Mktg, Inc. Announces Panel Consistency Certification Program

EAST ISLIP, N.Y. -Mktg, Inc. – Panel Analyst Division, provides needed certification of panel consistency. For two years, analysts at Mktg, Inc., New York, have refined a system of testing panels for consistency. In essence, they have become the industry experts in the analysis of the question, “Are data trends real or changes in the panel?”

The Advertising Research Foundation released its recommendation today to the market research industry regarding online panel quality. Chief among their concerns was the issue of sample consistency.

Steven Gittelman, President of Mktg, commented , “I applaud the ARF for its efforts and focus. Our data agrees with theirs and we are excited by the validation they have provided.

There are myriad drivers of online inconsistency such as mergers, changes in panel tenure and sourcing shifts just to name a few. The ARF templates will provide critical indicators that will alert informed researchers when inconsistency may be an issue.”

Gittelman continued, “The ARF has provided a template to alert researchers of the possibility that inconsistency may exist. We document and certify the ability of panels to deliver consistent data. We work with them to sharpen tools to achieve and maintain consistency. Our consultant services are the perfect complement to the ARF’s efforts at implementing critical transparency and data gathering through their template program.”

The Panel Analysts™ division of Mktg, Inc. is a market research consulting firm dedicated to data quality. The company provides consultant services to over 150 online panels in 35 countries through their Grand Mean ™ project. Consistent Track™ audits, tests and certifies online panels for consistency. They also provided sample blending solutions to target panels keeping them consistent through their Optimum Blending™ program.