Research and Markets: The Essential Report on Addressable, Interactive TV Advertising in the US

DUBLIN – Research and Markets has announced the addition of the “Addressable, Interactive TV Advertising in the U.S.” report to their offering.

This report highlights the major advanced TV advertising industry players and examines the key business and technology drivers shaping the advanced television services segment. In addition, the report studies the existing business models and discusses how the models will change to accommodate addressable and interactive TV advertising solutions. The report provides implications and recommendations for industry investors and concludes with advanced TV advertising revenue forecasts.

“Major U.S. cable television operators, direct broadcast satellite (DBS) TV providers, and telcos have identified advanced advertising as a key revenue opportunity moving forward,” said Heather Way, research analyst with Parks Associates. “In the short term, digital TV operators continue to ramp up their investment in advanced advertising solutions as a preemptive move to sustain ad revenues. In the long term, the investment serves to grow the advertising business segment.”

Key Topics Covered in this Report:

1.0 Report Summary 1.1 Purpose of Report 1.2 Scope of Report 1.3 Research Approach 1.3.1 Source of Data 1.3.2 Glossary of Terms

2.0 U.S. Market Overview: Addressable, Interactive TV Advertising 2.1 U.S. Digital TV Subscriber Growth Trends 2.2 Advanced TV Advertising Ecosystem 2.2.1 Advertisers and Advertising Agencies 2.2.2 Television Service Providers Cable TV Operators Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) TV Providers Telcos/IPTV 2.2.3 Technical Solution Providers Software Solutions 2.2.4 Television Content Providers Broadcast Networks Cable Networks 2.2.5 Digital Measurement and Data Analytics 2.2.6 Digital TV Consumers 2.3 Distribution Platforms 2.3.1 Distribution Path Advanced TV Ad Formats 2.4 Business Models 2.4.1 Pricing Models 2.4.2 Traditional Cable TV Advertising: The Money Flow

3.0 Technology 3.1 Major Standards 3.1.1 SCTE 130 3.1.2 EBIF and tru2way (OCAP) 3.2 Canoe Ventures LLC

4.0 Implications and Recommendations 4.1 Market Conditions 4.1.1 Drivers 4.1.2 Inhibitors 4.2 Recommendations

5.0 U.S. Addressable, Interactive TV Advertising Revenue Forecasts 5.1 Forecast Methodology 5.2 Forecast Assumptions 5.3 U.S. Forecasts 2009 – 2014

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