The Future of Referral Advertising

Affiliate Management on a Dedicated Server Scale.

SEATTLE – Every savvy online advertiser either uses or plans to use affiliate systems to promote their products and services. Why? Because referred users are more likely to convert. When publishers and affiliates have cash incentives to convert users into leads and sales, they tend to focus on users that will most likely convert. With the right partners, these referral campaigns exponentially increase customer actions on advertiser offerings.

With new features rolling out every few weeks, the HasOffers affiliate management platform is rapidly consuming market share, bringing on over a thousand advertisers and affiliate networks. A more recent advancement is gathering even greater momentum. HasOffers has just released a fully client-hosted version, HasOffers Dedicated Solutions. Why is this so exciting? It is a leap forward in affiliate management technology, providing a real viable solution for large advertisers and networks to support affiliate partnerships.

Businesses managing large networks of referral partnerships require complete privacy and direct access to their own information database. A single HasOffers Dedicated Solutions’ server is capable of running over a billion impressions per month, which is more than enough volume for most businesses. In the past, skeptics have doubted how HasOffers provides hosted versions (Pro and Enterprise Editions) for such low monthly fees. The release of Dedicated Solutions reveals much of the answer. The HasOffers ad serving technology is far more efficient than any competing platforms, reducing the hardware and operating costs dramatically.

The pricing structure varies depending on the scale and type of business model, however, monthly fees remain much lower than any comparable management solution. Additionally, the speed and efficiency of the HasOffers platform combined with the quality of hardware is extremely economical, each server requiring less than a single AMP of electricity per month.

The days of inflated costs to run affiliate referral systems are gone. HasOffers Dedicated Solutions is changing the way large businesses manage affiliate partnerships, delivering a level of privacy, security, access, speed, and efficiency far beyond the fold.