AdCloud Media Makes Expandable Advertising Solution Available to Advertisers and Publishers

NEW YORK – AdCloud Media announced the general availability of its 1st generation advertising solution, an expandable platform that leverages cloud computing technology to maximize the return on investment for both advertisers and publishers.

Designed and developed from the ground up for a distributed cloud computing environment using the latest technology in PHP web caching and optimization along with MYSQL database replication technologies, the highly intuitive AdCloud ( solution integrates many of the industry’s long-sought-after features, such as “screen-on-the-fly” fraud protection, real-time reporting and account management.

Click fraud remains at epidemic levels in the industry. Click Forensics® recently released industry pay-per-click (PPC) fraud figures associated with its the Click Fraud Index®, which showed that click fraud rate for the overall industry was still unacceptably high at 12.7 percent.

The “screen-on-the-fly” and click-fraud identification technologies are engaged much earlier in the process, reducing website partner and advertiser costs, overhead, and bandwidth. The “Screening” technology also permits AdCloud to capture and retain unprecedented quantities of data at search time for comparison to valid click data. This provides the company with a continuous feedback loop of fraud detection and traffic quality scores.

According to Chief Executive Officer and co-founder George Nassef, “The screen-on-the-fly technology not only streamlines the entire process, it provides a superior experience for the end user surfing the web over older networks. Only the proper ads are displayed, leading to fewer wasted clicks, lower costs for all, fewer processors, and a much better navigation experience.”

AdCloud’s new product resides transparently on cloud computing sites like Amazon’s Elastic Computing Cloud. This gives the company the ability to isolate traffic in a variety of ways to improve traffic quality for all advertisers, identify traffic sources or auto-scale the capacity of AdCloud’s network in seconds during peak periods. By only deploying computing capacity when needed, AdCloud is able to reduce its infrastructure cost during off peak periods and thereby pass a long this cost saving to advertisers and partner.

“Being on the cloud gives us unprecedented flexibility in deploying new features and enhancement in record time,” says CTO and co-founder Gerald Owens. “This flexibility keeps our development and operations cost extremely low, passing the savings on to our customers. Once a new feature is developed the systems and infrastructure are introduced to a cloud server and is replicated in real-time as customer demand increases.”

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