Clickable Empowers Marketers To Simply Manage Larger and More Complex Search Campaigns

New Version Of Clickable’s Award-Winning Search Advertising Solution Introduces More Powerful Reporting and Map-Based Location Targeting

NEW YORK – To help fuel growth in a challenging economic environment, marketers are investing more in performance-based search advertising. As a result, pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns are growing increasingly complex. To simplify marketers’ lives while delivering greater return on investment, Clickable introduced Version 2.2 of its Pro search-management solution.

Clickable Pro is a simple solution that makes it easier than ever to manage performance across all major advertising networks, like Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. With Version 2.2, Pro now has more powerful reporting, more flexible keyword management tools, and map-based location targeting.

“Marketers today are often managing hundreds of campaigns, thousands of ad groups and huge keywords sets,” said Vernon Steward, Clickable vice president of product management. “With Version 2.2 of Clickable Pro, managing complex accounts becomes easier and more profitable than ever before.”

Clickable Pro activates instantly and helps marketers survive and thrive. Clickable Pro’s ActEngine™ delivers critical quantitative and qualitative recommendations to maximize profitability. Clickable Conversion Tracking, bulk keyword editing and elegant reporting enable advertising professionals to achieve their goals in less time.

Clickable Pro 2.2 New Features:

Improved Location (Geo) Targeting: Clickable’s map-based solution simplifies location targeting while giving marketers more ways to reach their audience. Users can add standard locations, create custom radius targets, or exclude negative targets – all in one consistent interface.
Reporting Enhancements: Pro’s PDF and Excel reports now are more powerful, with custom reporting groups, flexible data views and the ability to handle large and complex data sets.
Improved Keyword Bulk Edit Tool: Clickable’s Keyword Bulk Edit tool now handles even larger data sets and introduces several interface improvements, including custom date filters and more flexible dcustomization of columns.

Clickable Assist And Certification

Clickable is a marketer’s trusted advisor, with world-class customer support via email, live chat and phone – and an extensive community of advertisers and marketing professionals. For marketers and agencies that need extra help getting started, Clickable Assist delivers tiered packages of managed services to ensure immediate success. Clickable also recently launched its Pro Certification program, which covers fundamental best practices like geo-targeting, copywriting and bid management, as well as Clickable Pro features and functionality.

About Clickable

Clickable is a platform that makes online advertising simple, instant and profitable. It empowers beginners through professionals to maximize their advertising investment. Clickable makes you more efficient, effective and confident. That’s why customers often say: “Clickable is like having a trusted advisor always by your side ensuring success.” To learn more, visit, or follow @clickable on Twitter.