PubMatic Introduces Version 3.0 of Real-Time Bidding Technology for Targeting on Over 250 Million Unique Users

Ad Operations OnlineReal-Time Bidding Capabilities Improve Ad Network Campaign ROI by Over 100%; PubMatic Adds 80+ Buyer and Facilitates Billions of Impressions Representing Several Hundred Campaigns Monthly

PALO ALTO, Calif. – PubMatic (, a global company that provides premium online publishers technology and a full service solution to manage and monetize non-guaranteed ad inventory, announced the achievement of significant milestones with its Version 3.0 real-time bidding technology. Ad networks that are leveraging PubMatic’s ability to bid on and buy user impressions in real-time are seeing ROI improvements of over 100%.

PubMatic’s real-time bidding technology, first introduced in early 2009, has reached critical mass:

– Ad networks now have access to an audience of 250 million global unique users via the real-time bidding API
– Advanced Version 3.0 targeting capabilities including language, screen resolution, and relative position of the ads within a page
– Improved contextual analysis at page level to provide the most appropriate ad based on the page content
– Ad campaigns from ad networks are seeing ROI improvements of over 100% compared to advertising campaigns that are not using PubMatic’s technology

PubMatic’s real-time bidding technology allows ad networks to uniquely value each ad impression. By finding the right combination of context and audience, ad networks and their clients are able to uniquely value each ad impression, improving the publisher’s revenue, increasing the advertiser’s campaign ROI, and improving the web surfer’s experience with better targeted advertisements.

“LucidMedia saw the need for non-guaranteed real-time bidding (RTB) on the demand-side last year and set out to aggressively partner and plug into the new breed of emerging optimizers,” said Ajay Sravanapudi, President and CEO of LucidMedia Networks, Inc. “Working with PubMatic has enabled us to take advantage of real-time bidding and improve campaign performance for our customers.”

“PubMatic recognized early on that the future of media buying will be centered around real-time technologies, which is why PubMatic was the first publisher-focused optimization service to come to market with real-time bidding and why we’ve reached such massive scale so early on,” said Jeanne Houweling, PubMatic’s VP of Ad Network Solutions. “We’re now extending our technology lead of one year by releasing 2nd generation capabilities that will enable us to significantly improve publisher monetization and our ad network partners’ ad campaign ROI.”

About PubMatic

PubMatic is a global Ad Revenue Optimization company that provides premium online publishers with a full service solution to manage and monetize non-guaranteed ad inventory. PubMatic’s real-time Ad Price PredictionTM technology ensures that premium publishers get the most money from their advertising space by deciding in real-time which ad network or exchange can best monetize each impression.