eBay AdCommerce Achieves Highest Click Measurement Standards in the Industry

eCommerce Ad Platform Earns Click Quality Accreditation From ImServices Group, Certifying Compliance With IAB Click Guidelines

SAN JOSE, Calif. – eBay AdCommerce (www.adcommerce.com) announced the successful completion of click measurement accreditation by ImServices Group, indicating eBay’s full compliance with the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) Click Measurement Guidelines. The IAB guidelines provide a rigorous methodology to help companies define and measure valid clicks and eliminate fraudulent ones. eBay AdCommerce is among a small group of industry leaders that are first to achieve this distinction, demonstrating a clear focus on transparency and accuracy for its advertisers.

“We applaud eBay for being among the first to adopt the IAB’s Click Measurement Guidelines”

“eBay is dedicated to ensuring that we deliver the highest quality traffic to our advertising partners and that AdCommerce advertisers are not charged for invalid or fraudulent clicks,” said Alexis Van De Wyer, director of advertising for eBay. “This accreditation of AdCommerce demonstrates eBay’s commitment to adhering to IAB industry standard ad measurement practices, and to offering a robust, transparent and reliable ad platform to eBay advertisers.”

AdCommerce is an advertising tool for eBay sellers designed to increase visibility of their products among eBay’s millions of online shoppers. Through AdCommerce, sellers can purchase pay-per-click ads on eBay.com and other AdCommerce partners to get in front of a huge audience of buyers – at the exact moment they are looking to buy.

“We applaud eBay for being among the first to adopt the IAB’s Click Measurement Guidelines,” said Randall Rothenberg, President and CEO of the IAB. “We are confident that many other organizations in our membership will adopt these Guidelines as one of the most important ways to assure marketers that the clicks they pay for are real.”

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