Ace Metrix Reveals Top Scoring TV Ads from Super Bowl XLIV

Budweiser Ad “Fence” Wins Top Creative Effectiveness;
Google Ad, at #5, Also Successfully Demonstrates Advertising Creative Effectiveness
LOS ANGELES – Ace Metrix, the industry standard in online television advertising analytics, announced the Ace Metrix™ Top Scoring Super Bowl XLIV Television Ads, a ranking of television ads from Sunday’s Super Bowl with the best creative effectiveness as measured by Ace Score™. “Fence”, a Budweiser ad from Anheuser-Busch, was the overall highest scoring ad with an Ace Score of 626 out of a possible 950, scoring a 657 in watchability and 645 in persuasion. More than 5,000 consumers (ages: 21-60) nationwide participated in the Ace Metrix Super Bowl Advertising Survey during and after the game.
The Ace Metrix measures represent a holistic assessment of advertising creative effectiveness accounting for both entertainment value (“watchability”) and business value (“persuasion”) of television commercials.
Budweiser’s “Fence” was also the Ace Metrix Top Scoring Super Bowl Ad for all female viewers and for the second half. Doritos’s “Dog Collar” was the top scoring ad for the first half, and Motorola’s “MotoBlur” was the top scoring ad for all male viewers.
“We believe great advertising motivates as well as entertains. This is demonstrated in the strength of the Budweiser “Fence” ad which features the iconic use of the Budweiser Clydesdales combined with a heart-warming story about friendship that proved to be very effective with consumers,” said Steve Goldman, co-founder and CEO of Ace Metrix.
How Ace Metrix Results Differ: Google Ad Demonstrates Advertising Effectiveness
The Super Bowl ad presented by Google, “Parisian Love,” demonstrates the difference between Ace Metrix measure and other advertising measures that focus on popularity and entertainment value. Google’s ad received a below-average rating from many of the popular Super Bowl polls, but, with an overall Ace Score of 596, the ad ranked #5 overall in the Ace Metrix Top Scoring ads survey and #3 among all women.
Comments, shared below, pulled from the Ace Metrix survey demonstrate that consumers could relate to the search engine being part of their everyday life:
“Google helps people every day with their useful maps, hints and translation. I really enjoy this Google commercial.”
“Very relevant with good information and ‘showing you how’ to Google. It really was a great ad.”
“Wonderful ad because it gets me thinking about all of the types of Google searches I haven’t done and how Google is such a part of my life. Reinforces Google as the only search engine that gets the results I need fast.”
“I like this ad because it is fast-paced, and tells a story. Also, I learned a lot about the different ways you can use Google to search for things. It made me want to use Google for all of my online searches.”
“I liked following the progression of the computer user’s life through his searches. It felt personal to see what he was searching.”
Super Bowl XLIV Top Scoring Ads
The following ads are the Overall Ace Metrix Top Scoring Super Bowl XLIV Ads for each of the designated categories:
Overall Top Scoring Super Bowl XLIV Ads
Category           Ace Score           Advertiser           Ad
Overall 626 Budweiser “Fence”
Women 626 Budweiser “Fence”
Men 533 Motorola “MotoBlur”
First Half° 621 Doritos “Dog Collar”
Second Half           626           Budweiser           “Fence”
°First half includes complete first half of game plus first half of halftime. Second half includes complete second half of game plus second half of halftime.
Top Five Scoring Ads by Category
Following are the top five scoring ads listed by each category above:
Overall Top Five Super Bowl XLIV Ads
Advertiser           Ad           Ace Score
Doritos “Dog Collar” 621
Snickers “Game” 618
Doritos “Kid’s Rule” 604
Google           “Parisian Love”           596
Female Top Five Super Bowl XLIV Ads
Advertiser           Ad           Ace Score (All Female)
Budweiser “Fence” 642
Doritos “Dog Collar” 622
Google “Parisian Love” 615
Snickers “Game” 615
Doritos           “Kids Rule”           591
Male Top Five Super Bowl XLIV Ads
Advertiser           Ad           Ace Score (All Male)
Motorola “MotoBlur” 621
Doritos “Dog Collar” 621
Snickers “Game” 620
Doritos “Kid’s Rule” 616
FloTV           “Injury Report”           615
First Half Top Five Super Bowl XLIV Ads
Advertiser           Ad           Ace Score
Doritos “Dog Collar” 621
Snickers “Game” 618
Doritos “Kids Rule” 604 “Timothy Richman” 584
Teleflora           “Mr. Warmth Returns”           581
Second Half Top Five Super Bowl XLIV Ads
Advertiser           Ad           Ace Score
Budweiser “Fence” 626
Google “Parisian Love” 596
Denny’s “Chicken Warning 1” 562
Denny’s “Chicken Warning 3” 562
Audi           “Green Police”           550
The Super Bowl ads with their Ace Scores can be viewed at
The Ace Score is powered by innovative, patent-pending algorithms and proven methodology. The persuasion rating is based on the interactivity of six data elements, desire, relevance, likeability, attention, information and change, automatically captured and analyzed for each ad. Watchability measures the engagement that a person has with the ad.
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