Panache Takes the Pain out of Digital Video Ad Workflow for Major Publishers

New Ad Flow Product Eases Post-Sales Process and Keeps Advertisers Coming Back

LOS ANGELES – Panache, the advertising platform for digital video, announced Ad Flow™, the ad fulfillment product for major online video publishers. Panache Ad Flow allows publishers to scale their digital video business and eliminates inefficient and error-prone manual processes from ad operations workflow.

“Digital video has unique technical and operational challenges caused by the diversity of ad products, ad product mixes, ad sources and video player configurations. Yet premium publishers’ advertising ad units must work flawlessly to achieve the needs of top brands,” said Steve Robinson, Panache president. “This is where Panache Ad Flow comes in. It completely eliminates technical and operational barriers by seamlessly getting a publisher from ad sales to trafficking.”

Panache Ad Flow takes away complexity and fits right into a publisher’s existing ad operations. This systematic workflow tool eases the ad development and approval process among publisher, agency, and advertiser, allowing key decision makers to understand how ad experiences will display and operate within the video environment prior to ad trafficking.

“We are very excited about solutions which increase the efficiency and speed with which we can fulfill ad campaigns,” said Brad Herman, SVP Digital Advertising Sales Operations, MTV Networks. “A tool that streamlines the workflow for video executions should be a huge asset for both the sell-side and buy-side communities.”

With its easy-to-follow interface, Ad Flow helps publishers drive fuller ad loads and execute premium ad sales in shorter time frames. More ads and lower fulfillment costs result in revenue opportunities that bring the digital video industry closer to linear television parity.

Based on the Adobe® Flash® Platform—the number one platform for video on the web—including Adobe Flash Media Server and Adobe Flex®, Panache Ad Flow provides premium video publishers with much-needed ad workflow improvements.

“With Ad Flow, Panache is taking ad product fulfillment for online video to the next level,” said Ashley Still, group product manager for Flash Media Distribution at Adobe. “Ad Flow provides an intuitive solution that helps premium video publishers scale their digital video ad businesses and achieve greater efficiencies. Ad Flow offers advantages for the entire digital video ecosystem.”

Ad Flow features include the ability to test ad creative and formats within a publisher’s player environments; asset management that guarantees the right delivery to Trafficking; and tracking all phases of ad fulfillment with audit trails, streamlining communication among publisher, agency and advertiser.

About Panache

Panache helps premium video publishers make Internet-distributed video into a profitable and sustainable business with a comprehensive ad platform. The Company simplifies all aspects of premium publishers’ direct ad sales business resulting in increased ad inventory and full ad loads. Panache’s platform includes ad products, ad product planning, ad fulfillment workflow technology and visually represented ad effectiveness reporting.

Founded in 2006, Panache is a privately held company headquartered in Los Angeles.