Retargeting Experts, mediaFORGE, Launches Post-Engagement Platform to Accurately Track Metrics

New Platform Abandons Traditional Post-Click-Through Method

SALT LAKE CITY – Advertisers never have to pay for view-through again. mediaFORGE ( announced its new engagement-based platform for retargeting, allowing the abandonment of view-through attribution. The technology measures engagement and subsequent post-engagement conversions as a new metric for attributing success. For ROI-driven advertisers, mediaFORGE’s interactive ad units allow personalized content delivery with ads designed, built and optimized for engagement.

“We’re excited to introduce a performance-based retargeting model that doesn’t require paying for view-through conversions,” said Tony Zito, President of mediaFORGE. “Experts agree that retargeting is the most underutilized tool for online marketers, and we’re helping change that notion. With this new platform, marketers and advertisers can employ the best aspects of retargeted advertising immediately, without having to pay for view-through, making for 100 percent attributable and transparent ROI.”

Traditional retargeting models are based on a view-through model. A view-through is when a customer is served an ad, and although initially takes no immediate action, they later return and make a purchase. Any advertiser who has invested in a performance-based display ad campaign has likely paid according to this view-through model.

With the mediaFORGE platform, advertisers are only charged for conversions when their customers actually engage with the ad, by mousing over it, interacting with it or by clicking through the ad to make a purchase.

“The absolute best metric of an ad’s influence on a purchase is ad engagement,” stated Zito. “If a user engages with an interactive ad, advertisers are assured that the ad impression was actually viewed – and subsequent revenue is directly attributable to the corresponding campaign. By measuring engagement and post-engagement conversions, advertisers can completely abandon the archaic and flawed model of view-through as their default attribution methodology.”

About mediaFORGE

mediaFORGE is defining and driving the market for retargeting/remarketing, a dynamic technology that can boost ad response by up to 400 percent. As the leading provider of dynamic ads, mediaFORGE has pioneered a new approach to retargeted advertising with a model that stresses personalization and customer engagement. Unlike other providers, mediaFORGE eliminates the view-through model, charging advertisers only for conversions by customers who have truly engaged.

With mediaFORGE, online marketers can employ the best aspects of retargeted advertising immediately, making it one of the most compelling and efficient paths to increased ROI. For more information, visit