Successfully Launched at AdTech

IRVINE, Calif. – has successfully kicked off a new contextual advertising network in New York City with the Mix and Mingle party thrown by Moss Events at Ad-tech. InText is committed to leading advertisers through highly successful advertising campaigns and paying affiliates with huge commission checks. The heart of InText is powered by the leading edge AdSmart platform powered by their parent company, This technology facilitates and offers traffic solutions for affiliates and advertisers alike, the result: more money!

InText has taken the initiative and repurposed core contextual advertising concepts in order to give advertisers a greater opportunity to achieve higher conversions with a smaller ad budget. InText’s formula for success is to continuously remain sensitive to advertiser’s campaign options and solution needs. Advertisers are given a choice between multiple underlining schemes and five high impact intext ad units. While other companies only offer one InText ad unit color and design for keyword highlights, InText offers up to twelve, with unique smart lightbulb icon which appears next to each underlined keyword. InText is a giant leap ahead of the competition.

Charlo Barbosa, CEO is confident that will revolutionize contextual advertising stating that “not only is the product technologically appealing to advertisers, it’s appealing to affiliates as well because we are the only network that automatically signs up affiliates to the Advertiser Referral Program. We have really focussed on making the InText experience highly customizable for affiliates”. As the only company with an advertiser and affiliate referral program, Barbosa and his team have thought outside of the traditional confines of affiliate program conventions. It’s quite simple. With a link on the ad unit that says ‘Your Ad Here’, future advertisers are encouraged to click and advertise with Intext; following that click the affiliate of the ad unit will earn 5% commission for the life of the future advertiser.

In keeping with our commitment to customization, affiliates have complete control over how and where the ads are placed. By using a wonderfully crafted site submission wizard, an affiliate can thoughtfully determine which pages should and shouldn’t display ads while providing surfers the ability to disable ads for a better browsing experience.

Advertisers are given the opportunity to structure campaigns according to their needs and budget, with bids starting as low as $0.05 for Run of Network traffic, $0.10 with the Global Network traffic and $0.25 for the Premium and top tier traffic. Affiliates will be happy earning a very generous 60% revenue share. In addition to text and image ads, InText also offers display ads as backfill to CPC ads and pays affiliates on a CPM basis if there aren’t any text ads to display. InText promises that advertisers will reach a dimension of inventory that remains virtually untapped, and with InText anti-fraud technology and intelligent conversion tracking, advertisers only pay for clicks not impressions.

For more information about InText and their innovative contextual ad solutions, please visit, read our press release at or contact Theng Kuoch, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at 1-877-452-5558.