Adility to Power Top Online Media Properties’ First Nationwide Foray into Distributing Location-Based Deals from Local Retailers

Adility Also Announces Agreements with Leading “White Label” Companies for Further Syndication of its Pipeline of Local Deals

SAN FRANCISCO – Adility Inc., the developer of a new location-based advertising platform for retail merchants, announced a number of new publisher partnerships, including AOL. AOL will have access to Adility’s growing feed of digital offers from thousands of local retail merchants across the U.S. and it will distribute select offers from Adility through its site

In addition to AOL, Adility announced additional new media publishers and “white label” publishers. New media publishers in Adility’s network include CBS Interactive, DailyDealster, Intelius, One Big Planet and Interactive One. When combined with previous publishers, such as, Adility’s media publisher network now reaches more than 80 million consumers.

Adility provides them with compelling and relevant local content for their audiences, as well as an easy platform for monetization from the revenue share generated by each offer transaction. Adility’s new “white label” publishers that operate online digital deals for companies include NimbleCommerce and ChompOn.

“Adility has been a great partner to work with on our strategy,” said Joyce Cruickshank, vice president of AOL Inc. Paid Services. “In every case they have leaned in and delivered to us on what we have requested. Everyone we work with shows the highest levels of professionalism and commitment to the partnership. We look forward to continuing the partnership with the same results and tenor.”

“DailyDealster features the best in online discounted offers from leading national retailers, but we have never been able to unlock the largest market opportunity for online deals – those being offered by local retailers like a nearby restaurant, salon or dry cleaner,” said Lou Morales, CEO of DailyDealster. “With its extensive field sales operation that works directly with local merchants, Adility can deliver these local deals to us, providing DailyDealster with a much more comprehensive and locally relevant experience for our members.”

Adility Merchant Platform

Adility is the only business-to-business company that gives local retail merchants the greatest number of choices to increase sales by providing an all-in-one location-based advertising platform to create and manage digital deals and coupons. It distributes these offers through a vast aggregation of publishers (traditional publishers, mobile applications, social games, location-based services, etc.) as well as the merchants’ social network of customers. By providing local “feet on the street,” Adility helps retail merchants through the complex process of setting up digital deals.

Local retail merchants benefit from new customer acquisition as well as existing customer retention by controlling their offers in ways not possible through group buying sites and other channels. This includes the flexibility to create deals customized to a merchant’s specific business, spreading new business across longer periods of time, and controlling the duration of the promotion, the amount of times the offer runs, the number of units sold, and the number of customers the deal is offered to. With its vast experience in direct marketing, Adility reaches out directly to local retail merchants through its relationship with 350 local sales offices and over 5,000 sales representatives.

“Location-based offers are growing rapidly with the proliferation of mobile technology, but we have found that less than five percent of the more than 10 million local retail merchants in the U.S. are currently using this new marketing channel,” said Thomas Cornelius, co-founder and CEO of Adility. “Those that are using group buying and other self-service platforms have found that they have little control over the process and that they sometimes deliver unintended consequences. With an extensive sales force presence at the neighborhood level, Adility is able to reach out to the 95 percent of local retail merchants that are not participating in location-based offers and make it easy for them to learn about and implement this new marketing opportunity.”

Retail Merchant Testimonials

“Since Glamour Shots started using Adility, we have had great results,” said Mike Reiff, marketing manager for several Glamour Shots franchises. “Unlike other group buying sites, Adility delivers customers that will return even after they redeem the initial offer and Adility enables us to manage and control our offers in ways that are not a part of group buying sites, including capping the length of time an offer runs and limiting the number of customers or units sold. And the network of publishers Adility can push our deals to is unmatched.”

“Being able to run multiple daily deals at the same time was a great way to test what worked for getting new customers,” said Angie Fishman, manager of Operations at Interstate All Battery Center in Peoria, AZ. “We were able to directly compare results from our various deals, and then tailor our following offers accordingly. Adility makes the process fast and painless, and someone is always around to answer your questions.”

“Adility has helped to bring new business to my Salon in a steady and manageable way,” said Anna Asgharzadeh, owner of Ahn Skin and Beauty Salon in San Diego. “The deal creation process was easy and straightforward. They were able to run my deal within a few days of it being created, and I started getting my new customers shortly thereafter. I would definitely recommend their services!”

About Adility, Inc.

Adility is the only B-to-B company that gives local retail merchants the greatest number of choices to increase sales by providing a location-based advertising platform to create and manage digital coupons and deals. By distributing their offers over the Adility network of publishers (including traditional publishers, mobile applications, social games, location-based services and on their own websites and social media presence), local retail merchants benefit from new customer acquisition as well as existing customer retention, spreading new business across longer periods of time and maintaining maximum control of their digital offers. Publishers within Adility’s network benefit from the leading solution that aggregates local retail merchant deals and enables them to easily embed them into their site or application via an API. Adility is headquartered in San Francisco.