Aggregate Knowledge DMP Integrates TARGUSinfo AdAdvisor Data and Services

Offers a Scalable and Privacy-Compliant Solution for Audience Engagement

Scalable, transparent DMP solution helps marketers identify consumers with relevant brand affinities through multiple offerings in a privacy-friendly process

SAN MATEO, Calif. – Aggregate Knowledge, the leading data management platform (DMP) on which the world’s largest advertisers make their digital data and media decisions, and TARGUSinfo, the trusted leader in on-demand insight to the most recognized brands, announced a multi-level partnership that includes integration of TARGUSinfo AdAdvisor data and advertiser’s data assets within the patent-pending AK Platform. The pre-packaged, scalable, and privacy-compliant solution is designed to improve consumer targeting, audience analytics, media buying, and dynamic creative decisioning.

Analytical Targeting of Verified Audiences

Through AdAdvisor, marketers have the opportunity to unlock the power of predictive brand and product affinities and reach consumers most likely to be responsive to their message. The highly scalable AK Platform makes it easy to develop rich performance insights by testing the full spectrum of AdAdvisor elements to identify top performers for the media channel. As a result, marketers can transparently target the best AdAdvisor elements based on how they index to a set of desired responses and how they effectively perform within a particular media context.

“AK is a leading independent data management platform trusted by TARGUSinfo with its AdAdvisor element data,” said David Jakubowski, CEO of Aggregate Knowledge.

“Given its neutral position in the ecosystem, we see AK as a powerful channel for TARGUSinfo to give agencies a transparent and actionable view into the full AdAdvisor data spectrum, including AdAdvisor elements which are not available through data exchanges,” said Ingrid Sanders, Managing Director, Digital Strategy & Partnerships.

Activating Advertiser Assets Online

TARGUSinfo has built the industry’s leading platform to convert a brand’s offline data into anonymous targeting attributes. By using the AK Platform, advertisers can develop greater efficiencies in their digital media spend through a number of key tactics. Together, TARGUSinfo and AK have led clients through planning for a number of different execution tactics, including:

– A telecommunications brand that can exclude an anonymized set of current customers from online advertising campaigns intended to drive new customer acquisition.
– A CPG brand that can translate their anonymous offline segmentation models into targeting criteria to engage with consumers most likely to become customers.
– A financial services brand that can develop rich lookalike audience pools with profitability models based on anonymized customer data.

“This partnership is a win-win-win for AK, TARGUSinfo, and our mutual clients, who can now create custom audience segments based on the offline data assets they own. This data can be applied across ad networks and DSPs without having to worry about data leakage,” said Jakubowski. “With this partnership, mutual clients also get a proven solution that is safe, secure, and extremely scalable.”

“TARGUSinfo and AK have highly complementary offerings, which together provide marketers a powerful opportunity to feel more confident in transitioning brand advertising budgets to audience buying strategies,” said Sanders.

About Aggregate Knowledge

Aggregate Knowledge is an IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) company delivering the data management platform (DMP) on which the world’s largest advertisers make their digital media decisions. The patent-pending AK™ Platform combines data management and multi-touch attribution to make media accountable and help advertisers, agencies, DSPs, ad networks, SSPs, and publishers manage and exploit all of their data around a single view of the user. The platform automates “trading desk” like features for our customers by bundling hardware, software, tools, training, and science into a single, highly scalable offering.

Aggregate Knowledge is funded by premier venture capital firms Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, DAG Ventures, First Round Capital, and OVP Venture Partners.

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About TARGUSinfo

TARGUSinfo, the trusted provider of On-Demand Insight® to the most recognized brands, links and delivers 100 billion real-time attributes a year to drive smarter and more profitable customer interactions on the web, over the phone, and at the point of sale. For more than a decade, America’s top brands and most respected companies have turned to TARGUSinfo to enable improved audience targeting, better customer experiences, higher conversion rates, and increased customer lifetime values by using TARGUSinfo identification, verification, scoring, and location solutions. TARGUSinfo offers a complete range of solutions to help organizations make better real-time decisions leveraging patented processes built on a proprietary network of hundreds of data feeds and its unique predictive analytics capabilities. A profitable and privately held company, TARGUSinfo is headquartered in Vienna, Va. with offices in San Diego, Chicago, San Francisco, and New York. For more information, visit