RingRevenue’s Call Performance Marketing Platform Increases Sales for Businesses in the Financial Services Industry

Progrexion Marketing’s pay-per-call affiliate program for Lexington Law seeing 630% growth in new sales and is generating upwards of 300 new calls per day

Santa Barbara, CA – Financial services marketers looking to increase their sales and improve their advertising ROI are turning to call performance marketing, according to RingRevenue, the leading technology provider powering the pay-per-call platforms for nearly all of the leading performance marketing networks including Commission Junction, LinkShare, the Google Affiliate Network, ShareASale and many others. Today the company announced the release of an industry white paper and case study aimed at helping financial services marketers understand how launching call performance marketing and pay-per-call campaigns within the affiliate industry translate directly to incremental sales and improvement in advertising ROI.

The case study reveals how Progrexion Marketing, the leading marketer of trusted credit repair products such as Lexington Law, leverages RingRevenue’s solution to partner with more than 1200 publishers who drive on average around 300-400 incremental calls per day. The success of their pay-per-call programs — managed through the leading performance marketing networks — has exceeded their expectations, with Progrexion seeing 630% growth in sales from their campaigns with an average month-over-month growth of 53%, since launching their program in July of 2010.

Travis Hopkins, Affiliate Manager for Progrexion Marketing had this to say, “The success of our pay-per-call program has been amazing and is continuing to grow. The new publishers that we’ve added to our program are driving a significant volume of high-quality calls that are converting for them 30-40% of the time and are now generating about 400 new clients per month for Lexington Law.”

RingRevenue is delivering similar results to other types of firms in the financial services industry. “In the past year, we have seen a substantial increase in the number and types of financial services firms launching call performance marketing programs. Financial products like home loan and mortgage refinance, credit repair, specialty loans, and the various insurance types such as home, life and auto are complex and consultative sales. Consumers don’t want to make big decisions on these types of purchases without talking with someone, which is why phone number based campaigns are so successful,” said RingRevenue CEO Jason Spievak. “Our platform gives advertisers access to more than 25,000 pay-per-call publishers and the tools they need to manage the quality of calls they receive at a price point they define.”

Key to any pay-per-call campaign is the quality of publishers promoting it. Publishers know that most consumers looking for financial services products don’t convert online. RingRevenue provides publishers with the tools they need to easily access, manage and optimize call-based campaigns. Publishers promoting call-based campaigns benefit from increased commissions and higher conversion rates. Jeremy Siders from Web Ink, one of the publishers in Progrexion’s pay-per-call program, has been very pleased with the results. “With pay-per-call we achieve much higher conversion rates than straight web. We consistently see conversion rates above 30% and with Progrexion’s program paying commissions on calls and on each completed sale we drive, we are able to directly tie a phone call that results in a sale to our own promotional efforts, allowing us to make better decisions and see a greater ROI on our own search marketing spend,” said Siders.

Traditionally, many financial services firms have partnered with performance marketing networks to drive online leads. “Financial Services is one of the top performing verticals that we specialize in,” said Russ Pechman VP Lead Generation at LinkShare. “Fully integrated campaigns that combine online lead generation with the ability to let consumers connect live through a phone call far outperform those that only provide consumers one option. This combination gives advertisers the opportunity to really impact their bottom line revenue with incremental sales.”

Marketers interested in learning more can download the white paper Financial Services Marketers Value Phone Calls: Why the Financial Services Industry is Turning to Call Performance Marketing here.

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