Symphony Advanced Media Launches With Accelerated Advertising Performance Measurement

Company’s cross-media measurement solutions bridge gaps in traditional ad performance measurement to deliver faster, more accurate consumer insights

SAN FRANCISCO – Symphony Advanced Media, part of the Symphony Technology Group (STG), has announced their recent company launch. Symphony Advanced Media (SymphonyAM) provides cross-media advertising performance analytics and consumer insights to empower brand advertisers to make more efficient media allocation and segmentation decisions and track the performance of their live campaigns for a higher return on investment (ROI) on their media spend.

“As new media platforms emerge, brand leaders must navigate an increasingly complex array of options to engage and influence consumers. It’s more imperative than ever for marketers to fully understand how their media investments—strategically and down to the campaign level—are impacting their brand value and bottom line,” said SymphonyAM CEO Manish Bhatia. “SymphonyAM enables advertisers to get the full value out of their media investments with the right set of fast, actionable, granular insights.”

SymphonyAM recently expanded with the acquisition of San Francisco-based Factor Technology Group, a leading provider of advertising effectiveness measurement. Founded in 1999, FactorTG has executed more than 5,000,000 brand effectiveness surveys for global clients across the media, agency, automotive, CPG, financial services and pharmaceutical categories.

“Over the last two years, we have developed a great partnership with FactorTG to help our clients measure and optimize their advertising effectiveness,” noted Paul A. Pereira, vice president of analytics & search engine marketing at Hill Holiday. “We look forward to expanding this relationship and leveraging SymphonyAM’s access to even more consumer insights data.”

“SymphonyAM provides us with critical insights to help us understand the delivery and accountability of our direct-to-consumer media mix,“ said Pamela Stewart, director of consumer market research at Shire Pharmaceuticals. “We are pleased that FactorTG is now part of the larger Symphony Advanced Media organization and we are looking forward to a strengthened partnership.”

SymphonyAM’s advertising effectiveness measurement solutions utilize a unique methodological approach to combine qualitative consumer data with robust quantitative data. The result provides relevant and comprehensive insights about cross-media campaign performance—even on very short, live campaigns. This methodology enables SymphonyAM to address key shortcomings commonly found in traditional advertising measurement approaches, such as slow reporting and the inability to measure low-weight media.

SymphonyAM’s leadership team is comprised of seasoned executives from television, Internet, mobile, social media and consumer research organizations. SymphonyAM is headquartered in Palo Alto and San Francisco, CA, with offices in Princeton, New Jersey and New York City.

About Symphony Advanced Media

Symphony Advanced Media helps clients optimize their integrated channel strategies and media options to rapidly improve campaign performance, increase efficiency and drive more consumer response.

SymphonyAM’s analytics solutions combine behavioral data and survey-based solutions to provide actionable strategic insights on advertising performance across all media, including online, TV and mobile. Clients include leading global brand advertisers in the media, automotive, financial services, pharmaceutical, consumer packaged goods and telecom industries. Learn more about SymphonyAM at

SymphonyAM is part of part of Symphony Technology Group (STG), the global leader in marketing intelligence whose portfolio of companies include Symphony IRI, Teleca, and EYC.