Haileo Launches at ad:tech San Francisco 2011

Startup Breaks New Ground to Bring Granular Understanding to Multimedia Content

ad:tech San Francisco 2011
SAN FRANCISCO – Consumers are inundated with thousands of advertisements and messages daily – although not necessarily for items that they may be interested in purchasing. With this constant influx of messaging, what can advertisers do to pique the interest – and buying power – of a consumer? By showing them exactly what they want, when they want it.

Welcome Haileo, a Santa Clara, CA-based startup that monetizes multimedia through visual reference and helps advertisers deliver the right ad at the perfect moment. Modeled after the human brain, Haileo’s proprietary technology breaks new ground by reading and interpreting multimedia elements in order to target the viewer with the appropriate ad content. Haileo launches today at ad:tech San Francisco.

“Many targeting opportunities are lost currently because visual cues are not exploited in today’s text-dominated world,” said Himawan Gunadhi, Chief Executive Officer. “With Haileo, we’ve cracked the code to decipher multimedia content, and can now reach the consumer with precisely the right offer. Watching a video about car racing? Up pops the Pennzoil ad. Cooking? Calphalon cookware. A romantic movie scene? Here comes FTD. With Haileo, advertisers can now be sure their campaigns are reaching the intended targets.”

Haileo goes beyond search terms, SEO and queries to access the visual signals of an increasingly video-dominant online world. It distills entities from the web to aggregate relevant visual signals and link them to related visual, audio and textual signals to generate a contextual, intent-driven and sequential summary of the content, which can then be used to target ads or related content at the right time and right location as the video is watched.

About Haileo

Founded and led by veterans of the online search and advertising industry, Haileo monetizes multimedia through visual reference and helps brands deliver the right ad at the perfect moment. Expertly versed in the latest research and methods of unsupervised machine learning and unstructured data mining that is the basis of Haileo’s technology, Haileo’s multimedia processing technology, with unprecedented insight and accuracy, strengthens the visual relevance and establishes user’s intent. The full understanding of the context helps increase advertising and ecommerce revenues for our clients. To learn more, visit www.haileo.com