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Vizu Brand Lift Results Drive ARF David Ogilvy Award for International Delight and Horizon Media


San Francisco – Vizu Corporation (www.brandlift.com), a company providing a real-time online brand ad effectiveness platform for advertisers and publishers, announced that the 34.4% increase in Brand Lift its technology drove for Horizon Media and client International Delight’s new line of low-calorie flavored non-dairy creamers helped drive an ARF David Ogilvy silver award in the Beverages category. The program was second only to Gold winner, Coca-Cola.

Entries for the 2011 David Ogilvy Award for Excellence in Advertising Research from research suppliers, ad agencies, media companies and advertisers throughout the world, were judged by a panel of industry experts under the Advertising Research Foundation’s (ARF) direction. Winners were announced March 23rd.

When International Delight and Horizon Media launched their “CoffeeHouse Inspirations Skinny” campaign, they turned to Vizu for the technology needed to ensure the brand-building effectiveness of the initiative by measuring and optimizing the campaign’s performance against its primary marketing objective – building awareness for a new product line – in real-time. Leveraging real-time Brand Lift metrics from Vizu, Horizon compared Brand Lift performance across all exposure frequencies, creative units, targeting segments, and site placements, and in so doing identified some creative units and targeting segments that were driving less Brand Lift than others. Horizon then reallocated impressions to better performing units and segments, increasing Brand Lift against the awareness objective by 34.4% and the campaign’s effective media spend by over $100,000.

“The launch of a new product line is always an anxious time for any company,” says Aaron Simpson, Associate Brand Director for International Delight. “As a brand advertiser, it’s great to know technology exists that allows you to maximize the value of your online brand building investment, using relevant Brand Lift metrics. Between Horizon Media’s overall direction and Vizu’s brand advertising technology, we were not only successful at driving awareness, but also won a prestigious award in the ARF’s highly competitive Beverages category.”

“We use Vizu’s technology to measure the Brand Lift generated by our campaigns, replacing click-through rates with a much more appropriate metric for brand advertisers,” says Sarah Bachman, Associate Director at Horizon Media.  “The real-time nature of the solution also enables in-market optimization of campaigns. For International Delight, we leveraged Vizu’s intuitive dashboard to assess and optimize different creative executions, targeting, and frequencies to quickly evaluate and adjust the campaign, ensuring both awareness of the product and our return on advertising spend were maximized.”

“Leading brands and media agencies are beginning to realize they can leverage real-time Brand Lift metrics to not only measure the impact of their campaigns, but also to actually shape a successful outcome,” says Dan Beltramo, Vizu’s CEO. “These results speak for themselves.”

Here is a link to the case study: http://brandlift.vizu.com/knowledge-resources/case-studies/vizu-wins-david-ogilvy-award/)

Founded in 1936 by the Association of National Advertisers and the American Association of Advertising Agencies, the ARF (www.thearf.org) is dedicated to aggregating, creating and distributing research-based knowledge that will help members make better advertising decisions. ARF members include more than 400 advertisers, advertising agencies, associations, research firms, and media companies. The ARF is the only organization that brings all members of the industry to the same table for strategic collaboration.

Vizu Corporation (www.brandlift.com) brings the same metrics used to measure and optimize brand advertising effectiveness in the offline world to the online medium. By providing the first real-time, enterprise technology platform that allows brand advertisers and their partners in the digital media ecosystem – publishers, ad networks, exchanges, and demand side platforms – to collaborate around measuring and optimizing Brand Lift metrics, Vizu enables its customers to move their target audience through the purchase funnel, from building awareness to creating intent and preference.  Vizu’s brand advertising effectiveness platform is used by over 60% of Advertising Age’s Top 100 Brand Advertisers and Comscore’s Top 50 Media properties to support all key aspects of the advertising lifecycle, including media buying, audience profiling, and Brand Lift optimization.