Undertone Launches Dynamic Targeting and Creative Capabilities

New Solutions Turn Real-Time Events into Advertising Opportunities

NEW YORK – Undertone, which delivers display, high impact and video advertising solutions, announced the launch of dynamic targeting and creative capabilities which enable advertisers to target and modify ad campaigns based on changing conditions including weather, stock market fluctuations, fuel prices and more. With dynamic targeting and creative, advertisers can deliver more relevant ads automatically, and in real-time, when conditions are most likely to affect product desirability and consumer consideration.

Dynamic targeting and creative are designed to benefit advertisers across a range of industry sectors. Financial services advertisers, for example, can use the technology to run ads only when a stock index rises or falls to a certain level. They can then dynamically update their ad creative to include the current market conditions, further increasing relevance and impact.

At launch, dynamic targeting and creative will enable advertisers to leverage weather reports, financial indices, lottery jackpots, and fuel prices. Additional feeds can be quickly layered into the technology to meet advertisers’ specific requirements.

“Dynamic targeting and creative enable our advertisers to leverage offline, real-time events to influence ad delivery in a scalable, brand-safe environment,” said John Sabella, Chief Technology Officer, Undertone. “On-demand, dynamically updated ads can now be delivered specifically to users who may be impacted by critical events as they are happening.”

Dynamic targeting is the latest addition to the suite of targeting capabilities available through Undertone’s proprietary ad serving platform, Undertone Ad Server™.

About Undertone

Undertone delivers quality display, high impact and video experiences for advertisers, publishers and the global audiences they serve. Undertone’s Digital Advertising Suite™ is a single solution to manage multi-format, digital ad campaigns across the best sites on the web. The product portfolio is architected as a unified platform that supports targeting, optimization and reporting across display and in-stream video. Armed with the insights to turn data into better decisions, Undertone helps marketers around the world create value from their online investments. For more information, go to www.undertone.com.