Epic Marketplace Announces Final Migration to Enhanced Cross-Channel Ad-Serving Platform

After almost a year of effort, Epic completes final phase of migrating company to new multichannel ad-serving Platform, and decommissions its legacy ad server

NEW YORK – Epic Marketplace (www.epicmarketplace.com), one of the world’s leading integrated multichannel digital marketing solutions providers leveraging the social media, mobile, display, and video channels, announced the completion of its migration to a comprehensive new cross-channel ad serving Platform. The new Platform provides for a seamless integration between all of Epic Marketplace’s distribution channels, and the ability to acquire inventory on either a real-time bidding (RTB) or direct basis, all with a universal frequency cap. An enhanced attribution analytics engine is a key component of the new Platform.

The new Platform represents a substantial transformation of the Epic Marketplace ad serving paradigm. Among the changes, the company has decommissioned its segment verification program, which was a component of its legacy ad server. The new Platform was architected and built with an enhanced suite of consumer privacy protections, positioning the company to further enhance its world-class status as a leader in digital marketing consumer protection best practices.

The new Epic Marketplace Platform is driven by a proprietary Optimization Engine (OE) that is built around advanced polynomial statistical analysis. The OE, as the “brain” of the new platform, is data-type agnostic and analyzes data input on a non-PII basis from multiple sources – e.g., social media data, cookie data, mobile data – and then renders targeting solutions applicable across all of Epic’s distribution channels. Among the critical targeting solution sets are strong core competencies in audience aggregation, keyword bidding and contextual analytics, the latter via a real time semantic contextual engine.

“This new Platform is a culmination of a vision we set forth several years ago,” said Don Mathis, President and CEO of Epic Marketplace. “With its launch, we are fully positioned for the next five years of growth in our sector – which will be all about the integrated campaign and the opportunity to provide our clients with cross-channel digital marketing solutions, not just a stand-alone display media buy or a social fan campaign, for example. With the new Platform, we can help clients achieve their marketing objectives across the critical digital traffic channels and throughout the marketing funnel.”

Epic Marketplace has strongly leveraged its deep partnership with LucidMedia in the development of certain components of the new Platform’s infrastructure. In particular, the new Platform utilizes key components of LucidMedia’s comprehensive demand-side, real-time bidding (RTB) management platform and its patented semantic contextual targeting engine as integral pieces of the infrastructure of the new Platform.

Through the new Platform, Epic Marketplace is confident that it will provide even greater value for its clients. The company’s enhanced capabilities will allow it to scale campaigns with a universal frequency cap and in a fully integrated approach across social, mobile, display and video, across its own network of premium inventory, and across major exchanges and supply-side platforms such as AdMeld, PubMatic and Rubicon.

“We’re very pleased that after such a long process, this important work for Epic Marketplace has been completed so effectively – and on-time,” said Mathis. “Our new Platform solidifies our market leadership position and allows us to leverage data and enhanced statistical targeting across all critical digital marketing channels. Moreover, the new Platform has been built with an enhanced suite of consumer privacy protections, further ensuring our compliance leadership position as well.”

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About Epic Marketplace:

Epic Marketplace (www.epicmarketplace.com) is the leading integrated multichannel digital marketing solutions provider leveraging social media, mobile, display, and video. Through Epic Marketplace, the top brands and agencies can engage, persuade, influence and communicate with their best consumers and prospects helping to grow and enhance their brand while boosting sales and creating sustainable relationships.

About LucidMedia

LucidMedia (www.lucidmedia.com) is the most comprehensive and transparent digital advertising management platform for targeting and optimizing display campaigns. The LucidMedia demand-side platform (DSP) with ClickSense® page-level contextual analysis and intelligent real-time bidding (RTB) is available as both self-service and managed service to interactive agencies and brand advertisers. LucidMedia’s platform employs an easy-to-use interface to deliver proprietary optimization, consolidated buying across the Internet’s largest repositories, unique insight into real-time inventory availability, preemptive brand safety, universal frequency capping, and reach into 95% of the online population. Founded in 1999, LucidMedia processes more than one billion impressions daily for hundreds of major brand advertisers.