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Vizu Launches Brand Lift Benchmarks for Online Advertising


Industry’s most comprehensive normative data offering for brand advertising effectiveness reveals CPG campaigns consistently getting biggest Brand Lift

San Francisco – Vizu Corporation, an online ad technology company providing a real-time brand ad effectiveness platform to leading advertisers and publishers, today announced the launch of the Brand Lift Norms module for its Ad Catalyst solution. Vizu’s customers can now benchmark their campaigns’ performance against thousands of other ad campaigns measured and optimized by Vizu.

“Advertisers and publishers can now compare online ad campaign performance against Vizu’s Brand Lift Norms along two key marketing dimensions. The first is the branding objective of the campaign, such as awareness, favorability, or intent. The second is the advertiser category, such as CPG, retail, entertainment, or automotive,” says Dan Beltramo, CEO of Vizu. “Vizu’s Brand Lift data has been a powerful optimization tool for a long time, but now our clients can also benchmark their relative results, which will enable a new level of performance management.”

Vizu’s normative data is derived from thousands of brand advertising campaigns that have been measured using Vizu’s Ad Catalyst solution. Campaigns are carefully classified into a detailed taxonomy, allowing Vizu to provide Brand Lift benchmarks for typical advertising objectives and across many industry-standard advertiser categories and sub-categories. Normative data is shown along with other campaign data in Vizu’s web-based interface, and is available to all customers of Vizu’s Ad Catalyst solution.

“Vizu’s Brand Lift Norms have helped us demonstrate that we regularly outperform the market on key funnel metrics, which is extremely valuable to our sales and marketing efforts,” says Chris Rouse, Director, Research and Audience Insights, at Collective.

“The ability to benchmark your brand campaign’s performance against a relevant metric – Brand Lift – and against a market norm for the category or objective is a must for any advertiser,” notes Paul Gunning, CEO of Tribal DDB.

“While the data is typically used by our customers on a campaign by campaign basis, we’ve also seen some interesting trends across this data,” adds Mr. Beltramo. An analysis of Vizu’s normative data showed:

· On average and relative to other advertiser categories, CPG advertisers are generally driving the greatest Brand Lift with their campaigns (often 20-30%), with the beverages sub-category leading all others (often greater than 30% lift).

· Financial services and computer & electronic advertisers were on the other end of the spectrum, delivering the lowest average Brand Lift with their campaigns (often less than 10% Lift).

· Awareness and Intent were the brand funnel metrics most often measured by advertisers, at two to three times the rate Attitudes, Favorability, and Preference were measured.

· Nearly 26% of campaigns measured did not result in overall Brand Lift prior to optimization.

“Long ago John Wanamaker famously said, ‘Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.’ Vizu’s clients do far better than that. Leveraging real time data on the performance of creative executions, exposure frequency, and targeting – measured against a relevant metric, Brand Lift – Vizu’s customers not only know what is working, but what to do about the part that isn’t,” says Mr. Beltramo.

Vizu Corporation (www.brandlift.com) brings the same metrics used to measure and optimize brand advertising effectiveness in the offline world to the online medium. By providing the first real-time, enterprise technology platform that allows brand advertisers and their partners in the digital media ecosystem – publishers, ad networks, exchanges, and demand side platforms – to collaborate around measuring and optimizing Brand Lift metrics, Vizu enables its customers to move their target audience through the purchase funnel, from building awareness to creating intent and preference. Vizu’s brand advertising effectiveness platform is used by over 60% of Advertising Age’s Top 100 Brand Advertisers and Comscore’s Top 50 Media properties to support all key aspects of the advertising lifecycle, including media buying, audience profiling, and Brand Lift optimization.