In4mation Insights to speak on Marketing ROI at ESOMAR Congress 2011

NEEDHAM, Mass. – In4mation Insights ( announced that its co-founders and partners Mark Garratt and Steve Cohen, along with Dr. Rafael Alcaraz, Vice President, Global Analytics, The Hershey Company (, will be presenting at the ESOMAR World Congress, taking place in Amsterdam from September 18-21, 2011.

Messrs. Garratt, Cohen and Alcaraz are participating in the “Achieving ROI through Superior Modeling” track and will be presenting “From brilliant to actionable – it takes technical brilliance and constant questioning to achieve the truly actionable in Marketing ROI”.

This presentation will describe the collaboration between The Hershey Company and In4mation Insights to revolutionize how marketing ROI is modeled and how its results are spread throughout an organization. This is an ongoing engagement where optimization requires that we constantly adapt to changes in the marketplace, macroeconomics and internal priorities.

The development of new-to-the-world Bayesian statistical methods, coupled with scalable and speedy software run using parallel processing on the “cloud”, will be addressed. Results have then been placed in a marketing enterprise-wide simulation model, where the findings have been pressure-tested by senior executives. The presentation will document how a close relationship between a savvy client and advanced modelers led to groundbreaking results.

“We continue to be inspired by the possibilities of integrating Bayesian analytics and the optimization of marketing mix on the largest possible scale, and against an increasing awareness of understanding of the interdependencies in data,” said Mark Garratt.

About In4mation Insights

In4mation Insights is an internationally recognized firm in the marketing research and analytics field and is known for its industry-leading theoretical and practical leadership and advanced technology. The firm’s practice leaders each have more than 30 years experience in consumer research, data analytics, modeling and technology to deliver answers related to Pricing, Marketing ROI, New Product Development, Market Structure and Consumer & Market Segmentation. One of the firm’s key differentiating capabilities is the use of Bayesian techniques, which enhance the potential value of consumer and market data. The firm has a global footprint and has worked with a number of Fortune 200 companies; their experience includes industries such as consumer goods, IT, Telecom, Financial Services, and Media.

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