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adMarketplace Returns Power to the Publisher

Search Syndication Network Launches Transparent Reporting Dashboard

Fitting that on Leap Day, adMarketplace would again leap ahead of the search syndication industry by launching its new Publisher Dashboard, which gives web publishers unprecedented access to detailed reporting data and powerful yield optimization tools.

This Dashboard is the centerpiece of our commitment to empower publishers; no longer will XML publishers be forced to rely solely on ‘black box’ reporting from Google and Yahoo.

adMarketplace’s new Dashboard allows publishers to improve traffic quality, view advertiser coverage, and manage technical issues in real time. Publishers who previewed the Dashboard appreciate its transparency.

“Not only is this an elegant publisher reporting interface, but the data adMarketplace is sharing with us gives us the tools we need to increase our yield, build our business and provide more value to our partners,” said Insitebar CEO Ron Dick.

The Dashboard provides publishers with every query and keyword adMarketplace receives, as well as adMarketplace’s advertiser coverage.

“We took all of the data and tools our publisher account managers use every day and put that power directly into the hands of our publishers,” said adMarketplace President and COO Adam Epstein. Other new features include:

Click Quality Data. The dashboard displays adMarketplace’s proprietary scoring system by traffic source and account, and offers publishers detailed data for each click, including invalid reason. AMPscore shows publishers the relative performance of their traffic sources.

Technical Data. Publishers can see their real-time ad-response latency by account, and know how fast their ad requests are returned—to the fraction of a millisecond. This, along with real-time reporting that identifies discrepancies as soon as they occur, means publishers can diagnose technical issues immediately and minimize lost revenue due to downtime.

Support. Live Chat puts an adMarketplace account manager within keyboard’s reach. And as always, they are available via phone and e-mail to solve any issue that may arise.

adMarketplace dashboard
New Dashboard Screenshot

Publishers, apply today to take advantage of this amazing, cutting-edge dashboard.

About adMarketplace

The Internet’s largest marketers and agencies rely on adMarketplace to deliver search performance outside of Google, Bing, and Yahoo. With over 250 million searches each day across distribution channels worldwide, and backed by powerful, easy to use tools and expert account specialists, adMarketplace is the leading platform for search syndication advertising.

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