YieldMetrics Launches Breakthrough Advertising Analytics Solution and Releases Industry Report

New YieldMetrics AdRoutes™ Offers Critical Business Insights for Advertisers, Publishers, and Technology Providers

Santa Monica, CA – YieldMetrics, a leading provider of advertising market intelligence solutions, today announced the public launch and general availability of YieldMetrics AdRoutes™, the advertising industry’s most comprehensive analytics solution. YieldMetrics also announced the release of its first AdTrends report, a quarterly look at the current state of the advertising industry.

“We’re excited to bring the power of YieldMetrics AdRoutes’ insights to the market,” said Gabe Gottlieb, CEO of YieldMetrics. “For too long, publishers, advertisers, ad networks, and technology providers have had to make decisions based on incomplete and unreliable data. Using YieldMetrics AdRoutes, our customers can inform their strategies with real-time, accurate analytics.”

Driving Business Through Data-Driven Insights

YieldMetrics AdRoutes is a groundbreaking analytics solution designed to help publishers, advertisers, ad networks, and advertising technology providers optimize their business strategies and improve their operations. YieldMetrics AdRoutes provides insights available nowhere else for sales, marketing, and business development teams. For example, YieldMetrics customers can discover:

– A full listing of competitors’ customers

– Details on an advertiser’s media plan

– A breakdown of how a publisher is selling its inventory

– The channels an advertiser is using to reach its targeted audience

– An accurate view of an advertising network’s inventory

Unlike other analytics solutions that provide only monthly or quarterly data, YieldMetrics AdRoutes is updated daily to provide the most up-to-date view of market activity. Real-time alerting enables YieldMetrics customers to react quickly to changes in the market, such as a targeted customer beginning a trial of a competitive solution.

Breakthrough Technology

YieldMetrics AdRoutes is built on a breakthrough, patent-pending technology called PathSource™. Using a farm of cloud-based, intelligent crawlers, PathSource is able to capture detailed information about advertising operations across thousands of publisher websites. For example, PathSource can identify which specific advertising networks, exchanges, and data providers a publisher is using, along with a full catalog of the specific advertisers buying inventory on that site.

Additionally, through the unique ability to follow the “path” of an advertisement, PathSource can determine the specific channels being used in the buying and selling of advertising inventory. For example, PathSource can identify whether a given impression was served via reservation or via Real-Time Bidding (RTB).

Pricing and Availability

YieldMetrics AdRoutes is available today, with site license pricing starting at $25,000 per year. For more information, please visit http://www.yieldmetrics.com/adroutes

YieldMetrics AdTrends

YieldMetrics also today released its AdTrends report for Q1, 2012. YieldMetrics AdTrends leverages YieldMetrics’ data to provide a unique snapshot of the advertising industry. AdTrends reports include detailed analyses of advertising provider market share, advertiser activity, and overall industry trends. This first edition of YieldMetrics AdTrends examines the market penetration of Real-Time Bidding, looks at who’s winning among ad networks and exchanges, and dives into the advertising of a top advertiser.

YieldMetrics AdTrends is published quarterly and available at no charge at http://adtrends.yieldmetrics.com.

About YieldMetrics
YieldMetrics, an advertising technology company, provides breakthrough market intelligence solutions to publishers, advertisers, ad networks and technology providers. Using patent-pending PathSource technology, YieldMetrics products deliver critical business insights to supercharge sales, marketing, and business development efforts. YieldMetrics is headquartered in Santa Monica, CA, and is currently self-funded. To learn more about YieldMetrics, please visit http://www.yieldmetrics.com.