Greystripe® Introduces PC-to-Mobile Ad Targeting with ValueClick Audience Mapping Technology

New technology allows advertisers to apply online behavioral data to mobile advertising

SAN FRANCISCO – Greystripe, a mobile ad network delivering brand focused results and a division of ValueClick Inc. (Nasdaq: VCLK), is announcing ValueClick Audience Mapping. This new proprietary targeting technology bridges ValueClick’s expansive anonymous online tracking data to the mobile sphere allowing brands to easily reach their target audience across multiple platforms.

For advertisers, this new technology represents a crucial step in finding and attracting their intended mobile audience. Greystripe has leveraged the expansive online advertising data of its parent company, ValueClick Inc., to apply the information to its mobile campaigns. ValueClick’s Data Management Platform consolidates 14 years of expertise and data, billions of dollars in online transactional data, and access to more than 200mm anonymous user profiles in the U.S. This provides advertisers with a robust picture of who they’re targeting on mobile devices.

“The market is demanding a cross-platform advertising solution. Seeing this opportunity, ValueClick and Greystripe came together one year ago. Today, we are proud to announce new targeting capabilities that highlight the incredible synergies of the combined companies. This is truly an example where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” said Bill Todd, president of ValueClick Media.

How does Audience Mapping Technology deliver results?

ValueClick’s Data Management Platform enables unique targeting capabilities that result in 5.5 times the lift in unaided awareness and increases purchase intent by as much as 73 percent when compared to other online norms.

To do so, Greystripe analyzes hundreds of attributes and behavioral patterns of online users, including site traffic, clicks and conversions on ads. It then sorts the information into audience segments and identifies areas with a high concentration, or “hot spots” of each audience. These hot spots allow advertisers to deliver their message to an audience with accuracy up to a one-mile radius. ValueClick Audience Mapping has doubled click-thru rates compared to run of network mobile campaigns.

“For a long time, mobile and PC advertising existed independently of each other. Utilizing online data to target audience segments on mobile devices will make life easier for advertisers, who will benefit from the existing data on PC advertising,” said Vikrant Gandhi, senior industry analyst at Frost & Sullivan. “It brings the expertise and maturity from online to mobile.”

“Audience Mapping is one of our largest product releases to-date. We have seen incredible demand for advanced PC to Mobile ad targeting since bringing this product to market,” said Kurt Hawks, general manager of Greystripe.

In addition to its new ValueClick Audience Mapping, Greystripe is also introducing new third-party automotive data to its targeting suite. By leveraging automobile data, Greystripe is able to target auto owners by make, model and by segment.

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About Greystripe

Greystripe, a division of ValueClick, Inc. (Nasdaq: VCLK), is the largest brand-focused mobile advertising network in the US by reach. Greystripe delivers the highest engagement and most sophisticated targeting for brand marketers, the maximum revenue for publishers and app developers, and the best ad experience for users. Greystripe’s proprietary advertising platform serves billions of rich media impressions to over 40 million users of touch-driven devices through more than 10,000 application titles and mobile websites across all major mobile platforms. For more information, please visit

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ValueClick, Inc. (Nasdaq: VCLK) is one of the world’s largest digital marketing companies. Through a unique combination of data, technology and services, ValueClick increases brand awareness and drives customer acquisition at scale for the world’s largest advertisers, and maximizes advertising revenue for tens of thousands of online and mobile publishers. ValueClick’s brands include Commission Junction, ValueClick Media, Dotomi, Greystripe, Mediaplex,,,, and PriceRunner. The Company is based in Westlake Village, California, and has offices in major advertising markets worldwide. For more information, please visit

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