BrightTag Enhances Privacy Controls as Clients Take Action on EU Cookie Directive

When we launched BrightTag ONE-Click Privacy last year, we gave site owners the tools to provide meaningful choices to consumers while responding to privacy regulations that vary by country. By integrating our site-level privacy controls with consumer choice tools, brands can offer clear “one-click” privacy options that stop sending data to third-parties when users opt out.

Today, we are announcing enhancements to our privacy toolkit that have been built in partnership with clients who are taking immediate action to comply with new privacy laws in Europe. With the UK’s looming May 26th deadline for the EU Cookie Directive, many companies are faced with the daunting prospect of potentially rearchitecting their websites to comply with the cookie consent requirement.

Specifically, sites need granular-level control over the tag code that sets non-essential cookies on every page of their sites. BrightTag ONE-Click Privacy simplifies compliance by leveraging the power of our BrightTag ONE integration platform to dynamically manage which tags and cookies are delivered to a computer or device based on a user’s consent preferences.

Because the EU regulations are new, though, it’s up to the website owner’s privacy team to build its own policies and make judgment calls about which cookies are essential and how to best gain cookie consent. Because regulations differ, the approach taken in the UK may not be the approach that’s needed in other countries, even though the user may be visiting the exact same website.

In partnering with the privacy teams at our global clients, we have learned that the ability to implement privacy governance now – and adapt quickly to changes as EU regulations evolve in the future – are critical to the success of compliance programs. As a result, we have added the following enhancements to BrightTag ONE:

  • Flexible Policy Setup and Management – Simultaneous support for opt-in/opt-out privacy choices in multiple countries
  • Intelligent Defaults – BrightTag ONE Partner tags now include a default privacy classification that serves as a starting point for privacy policies
  • Granular Controls – Simple interface for categorizing individual tags and setting up custom privacy policies

We recognize that the privacy landscape is confusing which is why we have set out to design a flexible set of privacy tools that allow brands to easily implement what can often be a complex set of requirements across the globe.

Turnkey EU Privacy Solution Through Integration with TRUSTe
Also today, we are announcing a partnership with TRUSTe, the leading global privacy management solution provider. TRUSTe has a full suite of solutions for EU Privacy including their real-time preference management platform, TRUSTed Consent Manager.

Our integration with TRUSTed Consent Manager extends the capabilities of TRUSTe’s product for indicating “express” or “implied” consent to place cookies on a site. BrightTag’s enabling technology ensures that when a user opts out, the tags that place cookies are suppressed and no tracking code is placed on the end user’s computer or device.

You can read more about our integration with TRUSTe on the TRUSTed Consent Manager product page as well as in the press release.

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