[x+1] Creates First-of-its-Kind Experience Developer Partnership Program

Program bridges a gap in the industry by empowering creative agencies to help drive multi-touchpoint campaigns for marketing clients

NEW YORK – [x+1]www.xplusone.com, announced the creation of a first-of-its-kind Experience Developer Partner Program (http://bit.ly/JqBX2W), designed to equip creative agencies to help their marketing clients build data-driven, multi-touchpoint campaigns and bridge the gap between creative, audience-driven media and direct customer touchpoints.

As of the program launch, nine partners have joined the program (http://bit.ly/KbeRwa), including Beeby Clark+Meyler, Brand Studios, Mercatus3, Poke, Protagonist, Spitfire Interactive, Tango Modem, Wit+Mind and The Wonderfactory.

“Clients are frustrated with their current resources and need access to brilliant creative strategists who know how to concept and build data-driven, multi-touchpoint programs,” said John Nardone, Chairman and CEO of [x+1]. “Our Experience Developer Partnership Program arms our agency partners with the technology platform to bring their clients’ vision to life and drive more revenue.”

The Experience Developer Partnership Program benefits creative agencies by helping them differentiate their offering, sell more creative assets and offer a broader range of services including strategic planning, creative testing and analytics. Marketers gain by partnering with creative agencies that are certified to design and oversee all the complexities and elements of a multi-touchpoint campaign.

Under the program, creative agencies gain access to the [x+1] Origin digital marketing hub. Agencies can use [x+1]’s tools and capabilities on a self-serve basis or engage support as needed.

By using the [x+1] platform, creative agencies commit to a training and certification program so they can develop assets and scenarios for audience segments that allow them to treat each segment differently and in turn design a multichannel program as one integrated campaign.

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