AdSafe Media Announces Results of Its Semi-Annual Review of Ad Viewability, Inventory Quality and Content Risk

Report Provides Comprehensive Analysis of Ad Viewability in Terms of Proposed Industry Standards

NEW YORK, NY – AdSafe Media, the leading global provider of actionable advertising intelligence data for buyers and sellers of digital media, today announced the results of its Q1-Q2, 2012 Semi-Annual Review. The report outlines the current state of ad viewability and the prevalence of content and brand risks, such as ad collision, across verticals and channels. The report is designed to help inform industry-wide initiatives, such as 3MS (Making Measurement Make Sense), while simultaneously bringing more transparency to the digital advertising industry.

AdSafe’s Q1-Q2 Semi-Annual Report provides analysis in four primary research areas: content rating across various types of websites, ad reach across geo-targeted locations, the prevalence of ad collision, and ad viewability.

AdSafe’s study found that directly placed ads are most likely to be viewable, according to the proposed 3MS standard, with 49.9 percent of ads in view for one second. On average, 20 percent or less of all ads are in view for 15 seconds or more. In addition, the report revealed that “above-the-fold” banner ads were less in view as compared to other formats. There was also very little difference in viewability by browser — a 40 percent average across Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.

In terms of content and brand risks, adult content and illegal downloads represent about half of today’s high-risk inventory — a considerable increase over late 2011, when these categories accounted for less than a tenth of high-risk inventory. Ad collision represents another risk for brands online, with 6-7 percent of ads “colliding” with other ads from the same campaign on a single webpage.

“AdSafe analyzes over a billion ad impressions every day to help guide smarter, better informed decisions for buyers and sellers,” said Scott Knoll, CEO of AdSafe Media. “We are excited to share this exclusive, first to market data with the industry to raise awareness around issues like ad collision and provide the latest research into highly debated topics, such as ad viewability and inventory quality overall. We are also committed to providing solutions to address problems like viewability and collision rather than just measure them. We are currently the only company providing proactive solutions to today’s leading brand and performance risks.”

Additional key findings of the Semi-Annual Report include:

  • The United Kingdom receives the greatest volume of ads intended for the U.S. market — approximately a quarter of all misplaced geo-targeted ads.
  • Sites that are used to accomplish some task, such as booking a hotel room or buying a house, see a slightly higher level of viewability as a whole than sites that deliver only content.
  • Financial and automotive sites show the lowest level of viewability, while sites devoted to contemplative subjects, such as religion & spirituality and home & garden, show the highest level.

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AdSafe is the leading global provider of actionable advertising intelligence data for buyers and sellers of digital media. Its technology engine is the foundation of the industry’s leading brand protection solution, and its exclusive, predictive data informs page context, brand safety and ad viewability before campaigns are placed or bid on. As a result, digital advertising runs in the optimal performance environment at the optimal price, and it is accurately measured. AdSafe is headquartered in New York City with operations in San Francisco and London. For more information visit: