KissMyAds Enhances Targeting Accuracy for Mobile Advertising

KissMyAds (, the mobile performance marketing network in Cologne, Germany, introduces a new sophisticated technology to target mobile advertising. With the new system called ‘KMA Track’, mobile advertising campaigns can be precisely targeted directly to the mobile devices of consumers around the globe. “With ‘KMA Track’, we boost the already strong conversion of mobile offers by only providing the customers with relevant offers”, says Florian Lehwald, Founder and CEO of the Cologne-based mobile marketing specialists, KissMyAds.

‘KMA Track’ is a software solution that automatically sets campaigns on the right track. The targeting accuracy is assured and can be filtered by country, mobile device, mobile network, IP address and other factors. “This will dramatically increase the effectiveness of mobile advertising”, says Lehwald. If an offer for a mobile customer does not work, for example, due to their Network Operator, KissMyAds may directly provide an alternative offer. This increases the chance for Publishers to monetize their own optimized mobile-traffic. ‘KMA Track’ has so far been tested in a closed beta mode and is now available for all campaigns within the KissMyAds system. Additionally, Lehwald has announced a ‘KMA Track Media Buying Suite’ – a program that gives selected partners access to the filters within ‘KMA Track’, thereby making it possible to precisely trim their own campaigns according to target accuracy.

KissMyAds is a pioneer in mobile performance marketing.
Since 2011, KissMyAds has been bringing together international advertisers and marketers with mobile publishers and their target audiences. Thanks to the latest technology, KissMyAds offers optimized conversion rates so that consumers see relevant advertising on their mobile devices, Publishers monetize their target audiences and advertising partners can enhance the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. KissMyAds is easy to use, offers the highest level of individual attention, provides individual campaign control and frees Advertisers from any forms of risk or wastage.

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