Moasis Granted Patent Rights for Hyper-Local Geo-Grid Technology in Singapore

Company Also Adds Business Development VP with Southeast Asia Ties

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. & SAN FRANCISCO – Moasis™ announced it has been granted patent rights for the Moasis Geo-Grid™ intelligent location engine in the Republic of Singapore. Moasis anticipates activating its hyper-local mobile advertising platform within the region in the next 45 days.

The Moasis Geo-Grid is an intelligent location engine – currently in Beta – that enables businesses to deliver real-time ads, content or promotions to any web-connected device or display within targeted, pre-defined geographic locations (“cells”) within the Geo-Grid. Cells can range from areas as small as two city blocks to entire regions or nations. By connecting with consumers while they are in the vicinity of a business, Moasis provides businesses the opportunity to essentially buy targeted audiences and achieve remarkable results. The consistency of a pre-defined grid allows for detailed analytics about how certain ads perform in specific areas and gives the advertiser an opportunity to adjust based on those analytics.

“Our intelligent location engine, with the Geo-Grid at its core, is a blank canvas for advertisers in Singapore. We let them handpick where they want to advertise so they can form intelligent decisions and make their marketing truly relevant. We look forward to developing strategic relationships in Singapore as we grow this exciting new market,” said Ryan Golden, CEO of Moasis.

Moasis’ “bid-to-grid” and “pay-per-impression” pricing model is a low-risk way for businesses to enter the mobile marketing arena. Advertisers set a campaign spend limit, bid on a cell(s), and set parameters for ad timing and other highly focused criteria. Placements within the cell are determined by the highest bid on a real-time basis. Once the spend rate has been reached, or the advertiser is outbid, the ad comes down. This pricing model enables SMBs with small advertising budgets to more effectively compete with national brands. And, using Moasis’ Geo-Grid-based analytics dashboard, advertisers can quickly assess ad performance cell-by-cell and make changes on the fly.

In conjunction with its patent expansion into Singapore, Moasis welcomes Timothy Garcia as Vice President of the company’s Business Development and Emerging Markets. Garcia, who spent the last three years working in the APAC region for Nokia, and was a former marketing lead at NAVTEQ in Chicago, is tasked with growing Moasis’ strategic partner alliances and expanding business around the globe.

“Singapore is one of the highest purchasing nations in the world and is a major hub for mobile device adoption,” Garcia said. “As Moasis expands its global footprint, Singapore offers an ideal proving ground for marketing our products, as well as cultivating valuable partnerships in the region.”

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