SiteScout Launches Industry’s Leading Digital Media Buying Guide for Marketers

Knowledge Center Provides Digital Marketers with Basics of RTB through Campaign Conversion Tracking, Retargeting and Optimization

Toronto – Real-time bidding (RTB) is expected to reach $14 billion by 2016 according to IDC, so it’s no surprise that ad agencies, brands and even Facebook are trying their hand at the technology. However, in a recent study conducted by Forrester, less than 10 percent of digital media marketers are employing data-driven tactics to optimize the targeting, measurement and overall effectiveness of their campaigns. SiteScout, the world’s leading self-serve demand-side platform (DSP) for buying online display advertising, launched its Knowledge Center to help digital marketers understand, build and launch more effective display ad campaigns on the web and on mobile devices.

“With so many people online via their computers and now mobile devices, it’s becoming more important than ever to reach audiences anywhere they go,” says Zach Sprout, Media Buyer at Neverblue. “However, outside of using Google AdWords or Facebook, there is no easy way to serve your ads across the entire web and across multiple devices. That’s when I came across SiteScout and its Knowledge Center, which helped me to understand how to advertise more effectively using cutting-edge RTB and targeting technology to reach customers.”

The SiteScout Knowledge Center is a free, comprehensive guide that covers everything from RTB to conversion tracking and campaign optimization.  Additionally, the Knowledge Center gives both existing and potential users of the SiteScout platform insight into how online ad buying technology and the SiteScout Platform work. Using this resource digital media marketers can also find answers to frequently asked questions regarding how to use data to better target and retarget audiences, and actionable advice on the planning, execution and optimization of campaigns.

“Although RTB is not a new technology there is still a lot of confusion about how it works, and as experts on the subject we wanted to share our knowledge with digital marketers,” said Paul Mokbel, CEO of SiteScout. “The SiteScout Knowledge Center exists to help digital marketers navigate the real-time media buying process, and also to provide insight on best practices for all professionals in the digital advertising and marketing industry.”

The SiteScout Knowledge Center is one of a limited number of destinations that industry practitioners can visit to use as a resource to help decipher the RTB marketplace. The Knowledge Center was quietly launched on August 22, 2012, and its informative and engaging content has seen an average visit length of more than 12 minutes, with a six percent bounce rate, and over 33,000 views.

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