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WebAds: “Supplying non-visible ad impressions is now a thing of the past”

WebAds: “Supplying non-visible ad impressions is now a thing of the past”

Breakthrough in visibility of Display Ads

– Online ads are not loaded below the fold
– Guaranteed 0% waste for advertisers
– Market for Display Ads will become more transparent

WebAds Interactive Advertising now guarantees advertisers that Display Advertisements will only be shown when visible. By doing this, WebAds meets the increasing demand from advertisers to only pay for ads that are actually visible. Serving display ads that are not visible are now a thing of the past when buying WebAds NL inventory. With the ‘0% waste tag’ developed by WebAds and its technical partner AdSolutions, WebAds guarantees advertisers that website visitors will actually see the ads served. WebAds wants to play its part in contributing to a transparent online advertising market. Ensuring 0% waste is both an improvement and also an important first step forwards. WebAds asks all its network publishers to urgently implement this new 0% waste technology.

Tjeerd Kooij, Managing Director WebAds Nederland: “Every website contains several ad positions. Some of these positions are not visible during each visit session. Visitors leave the site without scrolling down the site, for instance. Increasingly, advertisers are demanding that ads are only shown when visible and will only pay for these ad impressions if they’re above the fold. This is fair, according to WebAds as ads that aren’t visible are pointless, as no one can see or click on them. We therefore understand the demand for viewable ads. We believe that a real-time medium such as online advertising should be able to offer this upfront instead of afterwards. An ad call should only be made when the ad position is in view. With our new developed technique, we can not only ensure advertisers minimum waste but also maximum visibility, thus preventing complicated cost models that are calculated afterwards. This will make online advertising more transparent and reliable.”

Every year WebAds performs a network-wide visibility study which gives us insight into the duration of ad contact, visibility into advertisement per website, placement (area) and ad size. Publishers can optimize their websites based on this study and by doing so minimize the possible impact on their inventory through implementation of the 0% waste tag. After implementing the 0% waste tag, ads are loaded when at least one pixel is in view. WebAds expects its publishers to implement the changes within the next couple of weeks and guarantees 0% waste.

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