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LONDON – The in-stream and digital video advertising market grew to a value of USD 7.6 billion in 2012, at a nine-year CAGR of 62.5%, and is expected to keep this up going forward. Twin pillars of digital video monetization, in-page and in-stream inventory formats, own a combined 86.7% share of the total market, as of 2012. Third-party video advertising networks cleared a nearly 21.5% piece of the USD 2.5 billion in-stream total.

Emerging platforms and environments captured close to 10.5% of in-stream and digital video media spend in 2012, and are forecast to generate a 23.4% share by 2015. OTT/VOD video advertising market growth is likely to benefit from R&D platform investment and robust demand for content. Mobile/tablet in-stream video advertising is surging, advancing 235% in 2012, with inventory cleared directly, and also effectively though mobile ad networks.

In-demand market report “In-Stream and Digital Video Advertising 2012 – 2015” created by Accustream iMedia Research presents a systematic, data-driven study of the in-stream and digital video advertising market by format and platform.

The research explains notable adjustments being made to existent in-stream video advertising inventory (pre/mid/post-roll), and corresponding media spend specifically, by site, network, channel and service. It also provides a detailed data portrait of YouTube’s monetization strategies over the last three years. A discussion of inventory formats (in-stream, in-page, overlay), growth rates, sellout, pricing (CPM, CPC, CPV, CPCV) and platform related spend (online, mobile, social, OTT/VOD) is also conducted in the report.

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Title: In-Stream and Digital Video Advertising 2012 – 2015

Published: November, 2012

Price: US$ 2,995.00

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