Using IAS Data, Rocket Fuel and IAS Conduct Study Finding That in Certain Cases up to 70% In-Stream Video Ad Inventory is Misrepresented as In-Banner

Rocket Fuel Remains the Only Company Currently Integrated with IAS to Run Video Campaigns on Verified In-Stream Inventory

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – Rocket Fuel (NASDAQ: FUEL), a predictive marketing platform, announced, in partnership with Integral Ad Science (IAS), research showing that within a particular set of video impressions, up to 70% labelled as ‘in-stream’ were actually misrepresented as in-banner. This research helps brands and agencies make better decisions regarding video ad inventory placement. Through a deep integration with Integral Ad Science, Rocket Fuel is now also equipped to help marketers and agencies address this problem, bringing more transparency to programmatic video buying by allowing them to run video campaigns on IAS verified in-stream inventory.

“We are dealing with a highly non-transparent market where many other video platforms are unable to accurately distinguish an in-banner from an in-stream impression.”

The study Rocket Fuel conducted looked at more than 47 billion video impression opportunities that were categorized as in-stream by an exchange partner or publisher. Rocket Fuel then used IAS data to determine whether those impressions were actually in-stream or not. The test was deployed across both desktop and mobile, as well as private marketplace (PMP) inventory and Open Exchange to show a complete picture of the drivers of both high and low quality inventory.

“The industry needs a new video solution for brands,” said Randy Wootton, CEO of Rocket Fuel. “We are dealing with a highly non-transparent market where many other video platforms are unable to accurately distinguish an in-banner from an in-stream impression.”

Rocket Fuel also found that traditional strategies that advertisers typically rely on to improve video inventory quality may not be effective, including large player targeting and PMPs. Solutions like large player size targeting only brought in-banner rates down by 4% compared to the average, and PMP showed a higher than average in-banner rate.

However, it is now possible for marketers and agencies to protect themselves from misrepresented in-banner. Using the same types of methods the industry has typically relied on to address similar quality issues like viewability and fraud, IAS powers capabilities that allow Rocket Fuel to provide clients with:

  • Independent 3rd party verification, to hold partners accountable.
  • Predictive targeting to limit mislabeled in-banner.
  • AI-based fraud detection because fraud evolves and machine learning is one of the most efficient ways to identify suspicious impressions before bidding on them.

“This is why we partnered with IAS – to bring more transparency to programmatic video buying and to develop a solution that would allow advertisers to reduce the amount of in-banner video they buy against their will,” continued Wootton. “It’s through partnerships and efforts like these that we’ll continue to see turn around in the industry.”

Backbone Media, an online marketing firm, has been relying on Rocket Fuel for verified placement to deliver quality inventory for its client, the Breckenridge Tourism Office, and has seen strong results on in-stream placements.

“When you’re building a campaign that’s strictly about awareness, it’s hard to point to metrics that can prove whether or not it was a success,” said Morgan Cole, Media Planner at Backbone Media. “With Rocket Fuel, we’re finding that we’re getting real people who are going to interact with Breckenridge and it’s not just inventory lost on users that show little or no interest. A lot of times the programmatic world gets misrepresented by traffic that looks like bots and that’s one thing that Rocket Fuel has addressed. We’ve worked hard with Breckenridge to show that we’re buying the inventory they want and showing their ads to the people we want to see them, and these added layers of protection prove that.”

Rocket Fuel’s verified placement quality solution, powered by IAS, is deployed across Open Exchange, PMP, desktop and mobile, and is compatible with all the most common targeting and optimization tactics that Rocket Fuel typically offers to brand buyers.

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