Combination of Yieldex and Google’s DoubleClick for Publishers Helps Univision, Other Publishers, Maximize Revenue

New York – Yieldex, the leading provider of inventory and revenue management solutions for digital publishers, is allowing leading digital brands like Univision to better forecast, price and sell ad impressions in full alignment with their servers by integrating with Google’s DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP), via their API.

Working seamless with Yieldex and DFP makes it easier and faster for publishers to efficiently collect performance data for their network, saving publishers money and resources while enhancing revenue opportunities.

“As our digital business expands, Univision has a wide range of video and textual content across multiple channels, including web sites, smartphones, tablets and connected TVs,” said Kevin Conroy, President, Univision Interactive Media and Enterprise Development. “Being able to seamlessly work with both Yieldex and DoubleClick is essential for getting a complete view of our ad inventory so that we can fully manage and maximize our diverse revenue streams.”

“Our move to the latest DFP API has enabled Yieldex to provide dramatically improved product integration for the publishers’ ad operations and sales teams,” said Andy Nibley, Chief Executive Officer of Yieldex. “Yieldex helps publishers profitably forecast, manage and price ad inventory. These technical enhancements with DFP will reduce data import times, cut implementation time and shorten set-up configuration – making it much easier for publishers like Univision to discover revenue opportunities.“

About Univision Interactive Media

Univision Interactive Media comprises a network of national and local online and mobile sites including, which continues to be the #1 most-visited Spanish-language website among U.S. online Hispanics; Univision Móvil, a longstanding industry-leader with unique, relevant mobile products and services; and Univision Partner Group, a specialized advertising and publisher network.

About Yieldex

Yieldex created the first comprehensive, fully integrated revenue and inventory analytics platform for digital publishers. Publishers know they are leaving money on the table because they have to juggle multiple delivery platforms across channels and formats, while untangling complicated, overlapping inventory. Our mission is to significantly increase revenue for our publishers by de-mystifying the advertising ecosystem and leveraging our technology to provide our customers with a single, format-agnostic platform that accurately forecasts, manages and prices inventory across all revenue channels. Yieldex has offices in New York, San Francisco and Boulder. Visit