Local Corporation Launches “Fusion by Local” Premium Ad Network to Serve $3.4 Billion Local Display Ad Market

Gives Advertisers Reach Into Local Markets; Publishers Access to Top Brands and Additional Ad Revenue

IRVINE, Calif. — Local Corporation (NASDAQ: LOCM), a leading online local media company, announced the launch of “Fusion by Local,” a new premium ad network for advertisers and brand marketers seeking to engage with targeted local audiences in markets across the U.S.

Fusion by Local gives advertisers the ability to reach targeted customers in local markets through premium display advertising inventory across some of the top media properties in the country, including sites in the company’s established network of over 1,000 regional media sites. The premium network also provides regional media publishers with access to national advertisers and brands to drive incremental advertising revenue through their media properties.

With local display advertising on the rise and expected to grow 18.2 percent this year to $3.4billion ((BIA/Kelsey)),advertisers are seeking ways to more effectively engage their target audiences quickly and efficiently on a local level. National and regional brands that are looking to advertise locally are increasingly seeking premium ad positioning for their campaigns near relevant content, with high quality publishers and media sites.

Fusion by Local offers both, by combining its unique, precision-based targeting for audiences with premium advertising inventory that takes the manual process out of local buying. It also eliminates the time and resource-intensive process for advertisers of contacting publishers, negotiating multiple contracts, submitting insertion orders and tracking performance metrics for each media property. Fusion by Local offers a variety of standard and customized ad units across various ad formats, including mobile and rich media, through a single integrated process with one point of contact.

“Implementing local campaigns is a labor-intensive process that involves manually engaging with hundreds of media sites across the U.S.,” said Lori Chavez, vice president of marketing, Local Corporation. “Fusion by Local removes this burden from advertisers by allowing them to leverage our existing relationships with these valuable regional media publishers so they can focus their time on campaign strategy not campaign implementation. Fusion by Local further expands our local ecosystem and directly supports our mission of connecting local consumers with businesses of all sizes online.”

Fusion by Local helps advertisers and brand marketers engage with local customers directly across various industries and specific vertical categories.

About Local Corporation
Local Corporation (NASDAQ:LOCM) is a leading online local media company that connects brick-and-mortar businesses with over a million online and mobile consumers each day using a variety of innovative digital marketing products. To advertise, or for more information, visit: http://localcorporation.com.

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