Jumptap Launches Real-Time Bidding Platform, Extends Global Reach

Mobile Ad Platform Now Serves 171 Million U.S. Mobile Users, 269 Million Global Users 

Jumptap, Inc., the leading mobile audience targeting platform, announced that it has expanded its reach to 171 million monthly mobile users in the U.S. – a 28 percent increase quarter over quarter – driven by traffic surges on the heels of its recently launched real-time bidding (RTB) platform.

Launched in fall 2012, Jumptap’s RTB platform analyzes billions of impressions of mobile inventory to deliver effective programmatic buying for advertisers. Already, the platform is the source for more than 50 percent of Jumptap’s delivered ad requests, and has increased Jumptap’s total ad requests to more than two billion per day. Jumptap’s proprietary solution merges high volumes of premium inventory with real-time, efficient programmatic buying; its unique algorithms offer advertisers the highly-targeted, cost-effective reach they need to connect with the right audiences, with the right frequency. The RTB platform ties directly into partner exchanges from Burstly, Mobclix, MoPub, Nexage, and Smaato – among others – to access scalable audiences in real-time. Jumptap’s RTB platform, combined with its access to industry-leading, third-party data, enables it to better recognize the value of exchange inventory, and make efficient bids on behalf of advertisers.

“With the largest set of third-party data and comprehensive audience profiles, Jumptap sits in a unique position among other Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) and networks,” said Adam Soroca, Chief Product Officer at Jumptap. “This data permits Jumptap to better translate RTB bidding-based signals, allowing us to make more effective buying decisions across the board. Our data and technology-driven approach ensures that we’re providing the most value to advertisers and publishers alike.”

Combining mobile efficacy with RTB has enabled Jumptap to quickly become a leading mobile demand source. As such, Jumptap is now the only mobile ad platform to offer both native network and programmatic buying at scale.

“Jumptap’s RTB launch is an impressive move,” said Jim Payne, CEO at MoPub. “The combination of audience insights and real-time buying offers advertisers a comprehensive way to reach the right consumers at the best price point. This move supports the industry-wide shift toward more programmatic buying across the board.”

In Q1 2013, Jumptap expanded its mobile reach to 171 million mobile users in the U.S. and 269 million mobile users worldwide, making Jumptap the largest independent mobile audience targeting platform in the U.S.

About Jumptap, Inc.

Jumptap, Inc. is the leading mobile audience targeting platform. Reaching 171 million mobile users in the U.S. and 269 million mobile users worldwide, Jumptap uses its extensive technology portfolio, as well as industry-first partnerships with more than 20 third-party data providers, to understand mobile audiences better than any other ad platform and provide intelligent targeting with scale. Through its large network of premium publishers and apps, constant campaign optimization and real-time bidding capabilities, Jumptap delivers the best ROI for advertisers and highest yield for publishers and developers. Jumptap has pioneered mobile advertising privacy standards and is committed to unlocking mobile opportunities for all parties through its ongoing industry research, such as its monthly MobileSTAT report. Visit www.jumptap.com and www.jumptap.com/blog for more information; join ourFacebook community, follow us on Twitter at @Jumptap and check out our latest ads at the Jumptap Ad Gallery.