FreeWheel One of the First Companies To Be MRC Accredited for Dynamic Ad Measurement in Mobile Applications

Measurement on Mobile Devices Will Continue to Be Key to Growth of TV Everywhere and 2nd Screen Experiences

FreeWheel has been formally granted continuation of its MRC accreditation for display and digital video ad impression statistics in the company’s Monetization Rights Management® (MRM) and MRM Analytics technologies.

“FreeWheel has once again demonstrated its commitment to industry leadership and quality measurement,” said George W. Ivie, Executive Director and CEO of MRC. “It is to be congratulated not only for the continuation of its MRC accreditation for its display and digital video ad impression metrics, but also for now being among the first organizations to be accredited by MRC for its mobile web and in-application measurements.”

FreeWheel’s accreditation within mobile Web and mobile applications ensures that data flowing through its MRM and MRMA technologies is collected, processed, and reported in accordance with MRC standards and other relevant industry measurement guidelines, which provides FreeWheel’s customers, partners, the media industry and related users with confidence the data are valid, reliable, and effective.

According to the published Mobile Apps Advertising Guidelines, video advertising within mobile applications can be measured using several metrics, including video ad impressions served, video ad impressions viewed, various metrics to indicate a user’s progression through a video ad, and/or user interactions such as swipes, taps, pinch, and zoom.

The newly published guidelines for these mobile advertising environments were developed through the joint efforts of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) and the Media Rating Council (MRC) with guidance from participating members from all three organizations.

FreeWheel’s Q4 2012 Video Monetization Report showed huge increases in video viewing on smartphones and tablets last year, and that trend is poised to continue with the development of the iOS, Android, and Microsoft mobile platforms. These growth patterns have also been spurred on by the development of TV Everywhere and 2nd screen applications, which have allowed consumers to extend their television viewing experience to more screens.

MRC’s audit, conducted by a respected global CPA firm, has been a detailed and time-consuming review of every aspect of FreeWheel’s technology, ensuring that MRM and MRMA both comply with the MRC’s published standards and the IAB’s standards for display and video advertising.

The MRC is a non-profit Industry association established in 1964 comprised of leading television, radio, print and Internet companies, as well as advertisers, advertising agencies and trade associations.