Ziplocal Partners with Marchex to Gain Insights on Pay For Call Advertising Campaigns

SEATTLE – Marchex, Inc. (NASDAQ: MCHX), a leader in mobile performance advertising, announced a partnership with Ziplocal, an advertising platform that drives leads to local businesses. Marchex will provide Ziplocal with Call Analytics insights to increase its advertisers’ Pay For Call campaign performance.

“We’re excited to drive performance for Ziplocal, which reaches communities across the U.S. through mobile, online and traditional print media”

Through Marchex Call Analytics, Ziplocal’s advertisers will get customized call measurement reporting, which aggregates phone call data based on purchase intent and time spent on the line, among other metrics. This reporting sheds light on which campaigns drive quality phone calls – crucial information that helps boosts return on advertising spend.

“Marchex Call Analytics is tremendous technology,” said Jessica MacLean, Senior Manager of Customer Relations at Ziplocal. “Several of our employees used to work nights and weekends scoring and qualifying calls in order to track ad campaign performance. Now we can see qualified calls right away. That’s a huge cost savings for us. And our advertisers get more mileage out of their marketing dollars. Everyone comes out ahead.”

Along with streamlining Ziplocal’s internal business operations, the new user interface for Marchex Call Analytics is “easy to navigate, with clean, clear details,” MacLean added. “Our advertisers also find the graphs, which point out peak hours for phone calls, extremely useful.”

“We’re excited to drive performance for Ziplocal, which reaches communities across the U.S. through mobile, online and traditional print media,” said Harmen Westra, Vice President of Sales for Marchex Call Analytics. “Marchex and Ziplocal both understand the importance of phone calls as a key customer touch point.”

About Marchex

Marchex, Inc. delivers customer calls to businesses and analyzes those calls so companies can get the most out of their mobile advertising. Marchex supports its customers through a unique technology platform that has three primary components: (1) Call Analytics, which powers all of our advertising solutions, and allows partners to leverage data and insights that accurately measure the performance of mobile, online and offline call advertising; (2) Digital Call Marketplace, which annually connects millions of consumer calls to our advertisers from a range of mobile and online sources on a Pay For Call basis; and (3) Local Leads, a white-labeled, full-service digital advertising solution for small business resellers that drives quality phone calls and other leads to their small business advertisers. Marchex is based in Seattle. To learn more, please visit

About Ziplocal

Ziplocal is an advertising platform that drives results for local businesses. The platform works in all areas local customers look to find local results: Print, Online and Mobile.

With over 40 years’ experience, Ziplocal prides itself on being a local advertising expert. Through exceptional people and products, Ziplocal strives to provide outstanding value by linking consumers and businesses together anytime, anywhere, and any way.

Ziplocal is headquartered in Provo, Utah and has several local sales offices throughout the U.S.

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