BlueKai Offers New Methodology For Ensuring Data Accuracy

Data Management Company Rolls Out Premium Demographic Data Using “Wisdom of the Data Experts” Validation Approach

Cupertino, Calif. – BlueKai, the only end-to-end SaaS solution for data management, analysis and activation, today announced a new methodology designed to provide brands and marketers with qualified third party data through a consensus approach to audience validation. By letting a cross-section of public data providers judge data as opposed to a single entity, BlueKai’s methodology offers a more transparent and accurate approach to assessing the quality of data segments.

BlueKai will be deploying this new methodology in various phases, with the first installment being applied to the validation of demographic data across the company’s data offering. Immediately available are BlueKai Premium Demographic categories for gender. Age groups and Household Income categories will be available before the end of June.

“In a world of limitless audience data, marketers have been clamoring for a more viable way to ensure they are targeting the right audiences,” said Pieter De Temmerman, SVP of Exchange and Global Business at BlueKai. “We feel that the single-expert methodology is a flawed approach. There is far too much data across the digital landscape for one data provider or company to be the unchecked arbiter. We see consensus across a diverse group of data experts as the best way to validate audience quality and accuracy.”

BlueKai’s methodology for data validation works as follows:

· “Consensus” testing was run across BlueKai’s publicly available branded and unbranded 3rd party data to understand where data sources agreed on the demographic profile of a user’s cookie.

· Attributes are assigned as medium or high confidence depending on how many data sources concur and only in the case where there is no conflicting opinion.

· Premium Demographic segments are tested regularly to continue to meet the specified standard of excellence in data quality.

“Audience data validation is definitely an industry challenge and V12 Group supports BlueKai’s new approach to surfacing valuable signals that is concurred across a large ecosystem of data experts”, says Kelly Leger SVP/GM of V12 Group Digital Solutions. “This is going to be a true value-add to marketers and publishers who are tapping into demographic targeting today.”

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