Vertical Search Works Introduces Security Integrity Process (SIP), Evaluates Ad Impressions for Quality and Brand Safety

New Offering Delivers Verified Impressions for Online Advertisers and Publishers

NEW YORK – Vertical Search Works (VSW), a top search technology company, announced an objective process to help advertisers, agencies and publishers to verify whether the sites found in their vertical content network are of high quality and brand appropriate. VSW’s Security Integrity Process (SIP) utilizes both human and machine intelligence to deliver premium ad impressions, and is the latest example of VSW’s longstanding commitment to provide extensive reach, premium brand-safe distribution, and effective ad targeting. SIP also dramatically reduces the risk of ad fraud and malware.

“We provide data to ensure the clicks advertisers receive are valid, which is in line with Vertical Search Works’ commitment of holding the online advertising business to the highest standard.”

SIP verification is performed for each site that is added to Vertical Search Works’ publisher network to allow brands to advertise with more confidence and provide publishers with benchmarks to ensure the quality of inventory. Additionally, SIP utilizes data and human verification technologies to form a hybrid approach that provides a more comprehensive and fair evaluation of site content than what is possible when the decisions are solely left to computers to select.

“We are fully committed to providing confidence to the publishers and advertisers we work with through our SIP verification process,” said Colin Jeavons, CEO and co-founder of Vertical Search Works. “VSW’s focus on quality inventory and stringent publisher selection firmly puts our vertical content network in the top tier of brand safe ad networks in operation today.”

VSW leverages industry leading traffic quality solutions such as Click Forensics® by Adometry, one of the most advanced click fraud detection engines, to supercharge the SIP verification process. As part of this collaboration, SIP utilizes Adometry’s real-time click scoring data and various block lists to enhance its proprietary semantic quality control technology, which protects publishers and advertisers from a wide spectrum of artificially generated fraudulent traffic. With both VSW and Adometry’s technologies working in tandem, SIP works by creating a risk profile, which is made possible by a proprietary series of semantic algorithmic models, metric assessments and human verification.

“Combining proactive quality control measures with preventative technologies such as Adometry’s fraud detection and real-time click scoring is the next step in combating fraud in the ad business,” said John Brown, General Manager of Click Forensics by Adometry. “We provide data to ensure the clicks advertisers receive are valid, which is in line with Vertical Search Works’ commitment of holding the online advertising business to the highest standard.”

VSW serves nearly 2.8 billion ad impressions month over month – all of which are SIP-verified – across the family, food, entertainment, garden, home, wedding and woodworking categories of VSW FeatureLink™, a semantic ad matching solution.

Every page on every site is thoroughly evaluated for each of the following categories: adult content, hate speech, weapons, Illegal drugs, tobacco, alcohol, spyware/malware, offensive language, quality of traffic, reach, target audience, as well as alignment with VSW’s respective vertical search categories. These criteria standardize brand safety throughout VSW’s content network and increase the transparency of its online advertising platform; advertisers can trust the quality of the content network and the ad impressions available to them.

This verification process is applied to all customers of VSW’s FeatureLink™ product and ensures more efficient results through semantic targeting. FeatureLink currently serves the entertainment, family, home, garden, wedding, and woodworking industries, with plans to expand VSW’s vertical content network to new industries in the coming weeks. For more information please visit

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Vertical Search Works is a search technology company which leverages its proprietary products to deliver more valuable results for advertisers, publishers and consumers across targeted vertical industries. Powered by patented semantic technology, VSW’s products leverage semantic intelligence to establish stronger connections between user intent and content consumption. In doing so, VSW is able to create better connections between words and their meanings in order to provide more relevant online and mobile experiences for consumers and enhanced monetization opportunities for content creators and advertisers. VSW has already seen great success in the vertical search and digital advertising industries, as demonstrated by partnerships with major online publishers and global brands such as Meredith Corporation and Taunton Media. Learn more about Vertical Search Works at

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